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Share A Donald Trump CinnaMan Bun

We can never unsee Donald Trump with a man bun. So, now is the time to do some good with Bunald Trump and the photoshop genius of @FigDrewton! Go out and grab some Donald CinnaManBuns and share them with your office.

Ebru 4 years ago

What Else Are Bert And Ernie Watching?

The new Atlantic cover is a fantastic celebration of the Supreme Court's recent landmark rulings, but eventually Bert and Ernie have to watch something else.

Ebru 6 years ago
Ebru 6 years ago

Grumpy Scalia

The resemblance is uncanny!

Ebru 6 years ago

The Romneys Are The Smiths From American Dad

Coincidence, or liberal conspiracy?

Ebru 7 years ago

Protest SOPA With Your Facebook Profile

All across the internet, websites are protesting SOPA and PIPA by going dark. Along with writing to your local representative, show your solidarity by blacking out your facebook profile picture.

Ebru 7 years ago

The Apple Cat-puter

If only cats had been this popular when Apple was developing its logo...

Ebru 7 years ago


Come on, humans. "NONONONONO" means "NONONONONO"!

Ebru 8 years ago

The Best Harry Potter/Ralph Feinnes Photo

Happy Harry Potter week, y'all!

Ebru 8 years ago

Weiner to Enter Treatment Center and Seek Leave From House

The drama continues. Being horny is now a condition for which we need to seek psychiatric counseling.

Ebru 8 years ago

The Cast of Willy Wonka All Grown Up

Aside from Gene Wilder, the cast of Willy Wonka seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth. Here's where they are - and what they look like - now. Is it just me, or does Charlie look like someone who should be on To Catch a Predator?

Ebru 8 years ago

Robot-Controlled Skin Factory

Scientists in Stuttgart have developed a technique for manufacturing human skin.

Ebru 8 years ago

Beer Can Balancing Kitteh Returns!

...and this time, she's balancing five cans! Click through to also see the adorable picture of her with four cans.

Ebru 8 years ago

Beer Balancing Kitteh

Meet China. She has one talent, and that's balancing Coors cans on her head.

Ebru 8 years ago

What WATSON's Avatar Really Means

Oh, WATSON looks cute on Jeopardy, but there's clearly a hidden meaning behind that adorable avatar.

Ebru 8 years ago

John Boehner's Imitation of Ruprecht in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Hey, remember that scene in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels where Ruprecht craps his pants? That's what John Boehner looks like here during the State of the Union Address. Someone get this man a trident!

Ebru 8 years ago

Crazy Guy Marinates His Cat

Boo to kitty cruelty! Still, I can't help but wonder if he shaved the cat first.

Ebru 9 years ago

OK Go, "This Too Shall Pass" (RGM version)

New video for “This Too Shall Pass.”

Emma Coria 9 years ago

Someone Isn't Happy That The Pickle Has More Fans Than Nickelback

The 'Can This Pickle Get More Fans Than Nickelback' page is going down in two weeks, and no one is happier - or more infantile - than Nickelback's lead singer/guitarist Chad Kroeger. At least the Pickle met it's goal!

Ebru 9 years ago

10 Reasons to Avoid Talking On the Phone

Let's face it - talking on the phone is awful. The Oatmeal explains why.

Ebru 9 years ago