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    The Weasel Riding The Woodpecker Is Now A Glorious Meme

    Shirtless Putin riding a weasel riding a woodpecker.

    Yesterday a weasel rode a woodpecker and it was beautiful and brutal.

    Today it is a meme.

    Figured I'd contribute to the #peckerweasel with the addition of Gandalf on an eagle...

    Fallt nicht auf die Fälschung rein die hier gerade kursiert! Hier das original! #WeaselPecker

    John Travolta is all over the weasel and the woodpecker

    #WeaselPecker of the North @ThePoke

    To infinity and beyond.... #WeaselPecker

    Madonna, Mugabe and Miley hitch a ride aboard the #WeaselPecker Express. @ThePoke

    @jimwaterson yeah ok. funny, now it looks blue and black

    #WeaselPecker meet #TheDress and #llamadrama. Everything is astonishing these days. #weasel #woodpecker