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Insufferable Party Girls Looking For Roommate

Craigslist ad entitled, "$1200 All Aboard the Tequila and Vodka Soda Train (Upper East Side)"

MP890 • 6 years ago

Old People Writing On A Restaurant's Facebook Wall

We've all seen it--older Facebook users who don't quite "get" social media. This Tumblr blog collects the gripes of America's older, grammatically, and politically incorrect citizens. Even intimate details!

MP890 • 7 years ago

Relive 7th Grade! Quintessential 2003 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Playlist

Saw this on Twitter! Cue the backup dancers and short, over-hair-gelled DJ. Girls, get your socks on, and guys don't rush to the Viennese table just yet. Clear the doorway, the Bar Mitzvah boy is about to enter!

MP890 • 7 years ago

College Forbids Dating, Posing Too Closely To Opposite Gender

Ever want to go to a college with strict rules that prevent dating, touching, and overall temptation? Look no further than Maranatha Valley Baptist College.

MP890 • 7 years ago

How to Be a Sustainable College Student

The eco-friendly way to reuse pong cups week after week! Twitpic from my friend!

MP890 • 7 years ago

Obsessive Mommy Blogger

What do you get when you cross a mother of a toddler, with elitist, suburban leanings? PeanutFreeMom: A crusader against allergens and non-organic foods.

MP890 • 8 years ago

#WhiteGirlProblems IRL

One of the girls in Room 312 is having some major #WhiteGirlProblems.

MP890 • 8 years ago

Snow SLR Camera

Students at Ithaca College's Park School of Communications created what they know interpretation of an SLR camera. (Not pictured: Snow family and snow-tographer)

MP890 • 8 years ago

Milf Showcase

Ithaca College needs to watch out for double entendres.

MP890 • 8 years ago
MP890 • 8 years ago

Black Swan and SNL Mashup

Damn, Natalie you a crazy chick.

MP890 • 8 years ago

'Sassy Gay Friend' Protest Poster

My friend Hillary created a powerful poster to combat the venomous Westboro Baptist Church protesters in Washington D.C. Friday. Solution to bigotry? A 'Sassy Gay Friend' reference of course!

MP890 • 8 years ago

Let It Dough!

Christoph Niemann creates a holiday season dough cartoon for The New York Times. It looks as delicious as it is creative.

MP890 • 8 years ago

I'm Dreaming Of A Loko Christmas

My friend's roommates bought a Christmas tree for their apartment and decorated it in some of the best ornaments known to college students--empty Four Loko cans. Honor thy Loko.

MP890 • 8 years ago

Ithaca College's "It Gets Better" Campaign

Ithaca College is ranked as one of the most gay-friendly college campuses in the country. Look at their spin on the Trevor Project.

MP890 • 8 years ago

Jersey Circus

What happens when Jersey Shore quotes are attributed to those Family Circus hellspawn? Jersey Circus!

MP890 • 8 years ago

F*ck Yeah, Shitty Picniks

Everyone hates the spazzy girl who posts copious edited photos of her and her alleged "friends." This website celebrates the not-so-glamorous side of Picnik.

MP890 • 9 years ago