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Stormzy Wore A Grenfell Tower Tribute T-Shirt During His Glastonbury Set

He also joined in the crowd's chant of "Oh, Jeremy Corbyn".

Jeremy Corbyn Just Called Out Donald Trump In His Speech At Glastonbury

And of course, he left the stage to a chorus of: "Oh Jeremy Corbyn."

Here Are All The Celebs At Glastonbury 2017

Updated throughout the weekend.

All The Backstage Celebrity Instagram Photos From Glastonbury 2017

All the behind-the-scenes pics you need to see, updated all weekend.

PJ Harvey Summed Up How Many People Feel About Brexit With A Powerful Poem At Glastonbury

"No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main."

23 Pictures That Prove How Ridiculous Glastonbury Was This Year

A woman played two flutes with her nose.

Here's What All The Celebrities Wore At Glastonbury 2016

Updated throughout the muddy weekend...

18 Pieces Of Bad Fan Art Of Adele From Glastonbury

Bad fan art or masterpieces? You decide.

19 Glastonbury-Goers React To The Brexit Referendum Result

"I can't believe the UK has that many idiots."

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