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The glow from my iPad illuminates the Doritos residue on my fingertips as I sit crouched in a dark corner, and, like most graduating college students, desperately trying to figure out my post-college life. But rather than sitting at a grungy library table, studying for an exam, I'm sitting in an Air BnB in Lisbon, Portugal because a Buzzfeed quiz told me to live here.

You Can't Escape The Marvel Universe

We'd be so lucky!

Hilary Duff on the soundtrack for the live-action movie? Yes, please.

The marriage of two great American institutions.

It's everything you didn't know you were missing in your life. I'm talking to you, mitches. Season 3 premieres October 14 at 10P/9C

Season 3 ended with Olivia and Jake getting on a plane together. With the season 4 premiere just around the corner, it's time to lean in, people.

Because you're besties for the resties.

If you have not already watched the first season, go do that...because it's amazing! Basically Law and Order meets The Office, it is appealing to all and you will love it! Especially if...

In honor of Independence Day today, we should look to the bald eagle as a reminder of the freedom our founding fathers courageously fought for. It's also serves as a reminder that the guy who was in charge of naming birds had a very different definition of the word, "bald".

Nothing good on TV.... how about I start a new series?

Warning: Please refrain from running through your office shouting "GOOOAAAALLLL!" This will result in you being found out.

Carry art on your back.

Including: the best ways to kill time before your abortion, what not to say in a job interview, and more.

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