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Things Only Your Best Friend Can Get Away With

Because you're besties for the resties.

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1. Reminding You Of Your Past

You know how you look REALLY hot tonight? Your BFFL is the only person who can bring you down to earth by reminding you of your more....unfortunate....days.

2. Infiltrating Your Family

You: "Wait, who are you texting?"

Bestie: "Your mom."

3. Memorizing Your Schedule

Because what if you need each other at 3:30 AM?!!?!

4. Inviting Their Significant Other (Or Potential Significant Other) To Your Hangouts

5. Showing Up At Your Place Uninvited

....every single day.

6. Telling You The Cold, Hard Truth

White lies are for fake friends.

7. Being Super Emotional For No Reason

It's so annoying when other people do it. But with your bestie, its just so much more "awwwww."

8. Calling You Out On Your Shit

You're not getting away with anything, sorry.

9. Having Completely Conflicting Opinions With You

You don't have to vote on the same ballot, so you've decided that it's okay.

10. Borrowing Your Stuff And Never Giving It Back

Half of your stuff is now theirs.

11. Being A Complete FREAK

You don't even judge fact, you love them for it <3 <3 <3

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