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People Tougher Than Pusha T & Meek Mill

We all are scared of and or hate the dentist. Rap artists aren’t exempt from this as you can see from the text conversation below between Pusha T and Meek Mill. Here's a list of people who aren't as scared as the two rap icons.

Andrew Adams 6 years ago

14 Male Reactions To Life Illustrated By Chandler Bing

On Friends Chandler was always being given crap for being the least manly person of the group. But after watching hundreds of re-runs on TBS I came to an important truth. And that is that Chandler was the only one man enough to react on the outside how the rest of us guys were reacting to the same situation on the inside.

Andrew Adams 6 years ago

Kanye & Kim

The RomCom of Summer 2013. Save the date.

Andrew Adams 6 years ago