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20 Reasons To Embrace Team Jake On Scandal

Season 3 ended with Olivia and Jake getting on a plane together. With the season 4 premiere just around the corner, it's time to lean in, people.

_a_mills 5 years ago

Tequila 2

Tequila is a rescue kitty, who is excellent at blending into his surroundings when he is about to pounce.

_a_mills 5 years ago


Also known as Tiki, he's a 9 week old rescue who loves tummy rubs and cuddling. And especially boxes!

_a_mills 6 years ago

24 Super Easy DIY Bracelets

Liven up your arm party with these unique pieces! Easy to make, adorable to wear!

_a_mills 6 years ago


River is 12 weeks old. She loves sunglasses and naps, but she isn't a very big fan of baths.

_a_mills 6 years ago