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26 Signs You're The Ders Of Your Group

You've got a hard "An"

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1. You get a little obsessive over DVR

2. You have great ideas for self defense

3. Drinking has been known to impair your judgement.

4. You've got swag for days

5. You're not afraid to ask the important questions

6. You've got the sickest dance moves

7. You're a bit of a bad ass

8. Which is not to say that you don't have any regrets

9. You're the king of selfies

10. And you were sticking your tongue out before Miley

11. You're the life of the party

12. But, you're also the responsible one

13. You're always bringing new ideas to the group

14. You're in peak physical condition

15. You excel at creative threats

16. Typically, you wind up bankrolling

17. You know what you want

18. Your friends are always pulling pranks on you

19. You care about the finer things in life

20. You're the driver

21. People have said you can be a bit hot headed

22. You're the worldly one of the group

23. You're great with the opposite sex

24. You're real

25. You've been known to turn a head or two

26. And of course

You're so modest

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