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Which Single Scene From An Animated Movie Is The Most Visually Stunning?

It doesn't even have to be from a good movie, as long as the scene was visually stunning.

Animation allows for some truly stunning visuals. Remember the incredible details and colors in Coco when Miguel crosses into the Land of the Dead?

So here's what I wanna know: What do you think is the most visually stunning scene from an animated movie, ever? Maybe you were blown away by the visuals during the final battle in Into the Spider-Verse:

Maybe there's an anime movie you particularly love for its visuals, like Your Name:

Maybe your fave is a Pixar moment, like one of Elastigirl's fight scenes in Incredibles 2:

Or maybe you think Disney does it best, like the lantern scene in Tangled:

Whatever it is, we want to know! Tell us your pick for the most beautiful, stunning, visually arresting animated scene of all time, and why you think it deserves some love. Try to narrow it down to just one scene! Your submission might be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.