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    It's Been 13 Years Since "Tangled" Came Out, So Here's What The Voice Cast Is Up To Now

    Still loving Flynn Rider like it's 2010.

    It's officially been 13 years since Disney's iconic, legendary, excellent Tangled came out.

    We're feeling nostalgic, so we decided to see what the voice cast is up to nowadays! Here's where they are now:

    Warning: This may make you feel old, because yes, you are that old.

    1. Mandy Moore as Rapunzel

    Rapunzel in "Tangled" alongside Mandy Moore in 2020

    2. Zachary Levi as Flynn Rider

    Flynn holding up his wanted poster and Zachary Levi

    3. Donna Murphy as Mother Gothel

    Mother Gothel in "Tangled" alongside Donna Murphy in 2019

    4. Brad Garrett as Hook Hand Thug

    Hook Hand gesturing to his hook and a photo of Brad Garrett

    5. Ron Perlman as Stabbington Brother 1

    a Stabbington brother and Ron Perlman

    6. John DiMaggio as Stabbington Brother 2

    a Stabbington brother and John DiMaggio

    7. MC Gainey as Captain of the Guard

    The Captain of the Guard and MC Gainey

    8. Paul F. Tompkins as Short Thug/Shorty

    Shorty leaning on the side of the building, and a photo of Paul F Tompkins

    9. Richard Kiel as Vlad

    Vlad making two ceramic unicorns kiss, and a photo of Richard Kiel

    10. And finally, Delaney Rose Stein as Young Rapunzel

    Young Rapunzel looking out the window