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    16 Signs You Need Thanksgiving Break

    We can hardly stand the wait, please, Thanksgiving, don't be late.

    1. You've reached a stress level you didn't know you were capable of.

    Hell week, tho, amiright?

    2. You can not wait to see your pets.

    They can't be happier to see you than you are to see them. Or can they?

    3. Your liver is actually really pissed at you.

    And exacting its revenge through your head, stomach, and general self.

    4. You really, really, really miss your high school friends.

    Your liver probably won't thank you for Wednesday night.

    5. Seriously, Wednesday night tho.

    Then after that, an extended hiatus from alcohol consumption

    6. Cafeteria food is starting to taste like garbage to you.

    Don't even get me started on the food you make yourself.

    7. You NEED a home cooked meal.

    It doesn't even need to be turkey. It just needs to be something other than pizza or Chinese.

    8. You are absolutely done with these stupid classes.

    Call it senioritis, freshmanitis, thanksgivingitis. I'm skipping class on the reg.

    9. So you spend all class daydreaming about thanksgiving

    when you're there, that is.

    10. You will get to watch football...

    Without worrying about what assignments you should be doing instead

    11. You absolutely have to catch up on your netflix.

    12. You're even excited to see those annoying siblings of yours.

    That won't last long though.

    13. Your laundry basket is unseemly.

    I know a lot of you bring your laundry home for your mom to do. Don't even lie to me.

    14. You've about had it with most of the people on campus.



    16. And of course...

    Happy Thanksgiving y'all.

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