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16 Of The Worst Ideas You Have In College

Vodka mixes well with everything. Except decisions.

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1. We NEED to get a kitten to keep illegally in our apartment. / Via

Craigslist, anyone?

2. Let's just tape over the smoke detector.

NBC / Via

No need to go outside.

3. I can definitely take one more shot before we leave.


I will NOT regret this tomorrow.

4. I should cut my own bangs!! / Via

Why pay a hairdresser?

5. I can totally get away with wearing this shirt for another day. / Via The CW

I don't have the money to do laundry.

6. I can drink on antibiotics. / Via Fox / Netflix

7. Sure, invite your friends over. The RA will never hear us.

8. Oh, I don't need to wear flip flops in the shower.

Bacteria be damned!

Bacteria be damned!

9. But I should wear them outside.

Regardless of the weather!

Regardless of the weather!

10. Know what Moms love? Drunk dials. / Via NBC

11. I can afford to drop $2,000 on Spring Break. / Via Muse Productions

Student loans aren't really real

12. I can cook this in the microwave / Via

The cafeteria is sooo far.

13. I don't need to go to health services. / Via Paramount Pictures

Airborne and NyQuil will see me through.

14. This takeout is still good. / Via NBC

It's supposed to last three weeks, right?

15. I should hook up with my neighbor.

Fox / Via

That definintely won't be awkward tomorrow

16. And the internet is more important than studying. / Via Nickelodeon

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