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    The Workaholics Way To Handle Finals Week

    The 19 step guide to surviving (more or less) in tact.

    1. Make sure you start finals week off right

    2. Someone suggests studying

    3. But you have a different idea

    4. Actively resent those who choose another route

    5. Looking at the review sheet makes you feel like this

    6. So you should quit immediately

    7. The night before your final really sneaks up on you

    8. Should you start studying?

    9. Nah, go out instead.

    10. Drink heavily

    11. Just try not to think about your final..

    12. Wake up in plenty of time the next morning.

    13. You're professor hands you the exam...

    And it's a little worse than you thought

    14. When it's all over, you feel like this

    15. And this.

    16. And this

    17. And of course, this

    18. But your friends know just how to comfort you

    19. And you are all able to get into the holiday spirit

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