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    24 Super Easy DIY Bracelets

    Liven up your arm party with these unique pieces! Easy to make, adorable to wear!

    1. Loose Bead and Chain Braid

    2. Statement Bangle

    3. Lace, Beads, and Rhinestones

    4. Suede and Pearls

    5. Bead and Chain Ombre

    6. Or, go for an Ombre Braid

    7. Bead and Chain Braid


    9. Simple Beaded Leather Wrap

    make it here

    10. Braided Chain and String

    11. Another Way to do a Leather Wrap

    12. Pearl and Fabric

    13. Ribbon and Washers

    Out of supplies from the hardware store!

    14. Four Strand Braid

    Could be a bracelet or a necklace

    15. Chain and Cord

    16. Turquoise and Gold Wrap

    17. Leather Cord and Pandora Style Beads

    18. Rhinestone Wrap

    Make it (you may have to translate the page) here

    19. Suede and Chain

    Make it here

    20. Or, make a thinner version

    21. Galaxy Bracelet

    22. Chunky Leather Bracelet

    23. Studded Zipper Bracelet

    24. Evil Eye Bracelet

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