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    The Definitive Ranking Of Scrubs Significant Others

    It took 8 years and 19 significant others for JD and Elliot to finally end up together. Here are the winners, losers, and all the in-betweens.

    19. Neena Broderick

    This evil, manipulative lawyer almost actually made JD turn against Turk, not to mention representing the most annoying hypochondriac of all time. Unforgivable.

    18. Alex Hanson

    Not so horrible at first. Her meeting with JD was adorable....but turned out to be a drug addict.

    17. Lisa the Giftshop Girl

    Rather rude and her relationship with JD didn't really go anywhere/

    16. Nurse Paul Flowers

    He was perfectly okay for Elliot except that his hotness to controlling ratio was way low

    15. Tamara

    At first I didn't remember her. Then I was like "Oh yeah, it's that girl who only liked JD for his hair."

    14. Danni

    Always showing up when she's least wanted. And Ughhhh that voice.

    13. Jake

    So unmemorable, I don't even remember his last name. Unmemorable to Elliot too, who totally dumped him because they had no spark.

    12. Jamie Moyer

    aka T.C.W. Just sort of eh. The relationship doesn't even get a proper ending.

    11. Dan Dorian

    Funny and entertaining. But who dates his brother's most serious ex-girlfriend? Not cool, dude.

    10. Kylie

    Aw, Kylie was sweet. No one blames her for dumping JD after the crap he pulled wiiittthhh...

    9. Molly Clock

    She was funny and quirky. A little odd with all her face touching.

    8. Jan Itor

    Sure, Elliot and he only went on one date (that Elliot didn't think was real) but God, Janitor just makes Scrubs so much better.

    7. Julie

    God they were so cute. And "that's so funny" is not good enough a reason to dump someone. They could have had something special.

    6. Katia

    JD's pillow girlfriend. She was always there for him.

    5. Jordan Sullivan

    Between relationships with Dr. Cox, she also had a fling with JD. Known as a bitch, but she gets whatever she wants. Inspiring

    4. Sean Kelly

    Works with seals. Seriously? Swoon. Didn't deserve to be boned like that by JD and Elliot. But ends up with....

    3. Kim Briggs

    JD's baby mama, zoom zoom zoom.

    2. Keith Dudemeister

    I don't know. Something about that line "From now on, Pig Face, you're dead to me." It just got me.

    1. Turk

    Look at that. If that doesn't say love, I don't know what does.

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