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The Evolution of Taylor Swift Music Videos

At twenty-four years old, Taylor just released her newest music video, Shake it Off, which has already gone viral, but who remembers the sixteen-year-old just breaking into the business?

Jacqui Marie 5 years ago

A True Story Of Brotherly Love

This adorable 8-year-old boy from Idaho decided to participate in the local YMCA Youth Triathlon, but not without his 6-year-old brother at his side.

Jacqui Marie 5 years ago

It's TOTALLY Raining Teens...Eleven Years Later

The July 2014 issue of Vanity Fair features the up-and-already here Shailene Woodley, but in honor of #tbt, let's remember the July 2003 Vanity Fair issue featuring "20 Pages of the Hottest Teen and Tween Stars" and catch up with them!

Jacqui Marie 5 years ago

8 Things People Pin And Never Use

Pinning is obsessive, there's no doubt about that. But how much do we pin thinking, "I'm totally going to use that!" and then never do?

Jacqui Marie 5 years ago