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Who Wants To See What The Cast Of Get Over It Looks Like Now??

Put your hand DOWN, Little Steve!

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First things first...if you have never seen the movie, Get Over It, please stop everything you are doing and go watch it because it is a cinematic masterpiece that epitomizes all that was holy in 2001 with a Shakespearean subplot.

Kelly Woods | Kirsten Dunst

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Everyone knows her as the dedicated cheerleading captain, Torrance, or Spiderman’s girlfriend, Mary Jane, but remember when she played the best friend’s sister and helped Berke become a musical theater star?

Best moment: When she accidentally shot Berke with a cross bow.

Berke Landers | Ben Foster

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He’s been in a couple of movies, but you might know him best as “that guy who’s in everything, but I can’t remember his name.” Also, apparently his nickname is Goat Boy.

Best moment: When he auditions for the musical by singing the Big Red theme song.

Allison McAllister | Melissa Sagemiller

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You might know her as A.D.A. Gillian Hardwicke in Law & Order: SVU, but she’ll always be the girl who broke up with the boy next door for an incredibly attractive teenage Shane West with an incredibly terrible British accent.

Best moment: When she broke up with Berke by using the analogy, “trends fade, bread molds, people die…”

Dennis Wallace | Sisqó

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I mean, it’s Sisqó. If you don’t know the Thong Song, go educate yourself. Coach was not wrong in calling him “Crazy Legs.”

Best moment: When the movie is over and he and Vitamin C perform “September” during the credits.

Bentley ‘Striker’ Scrumfeld | Shane West

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Best known for breaking our hearts as Landon Carter in A Walk to Remember, but also a regular on so many TV shows it’s hard to keep track. He plays the hot guy your girlfriend hooked up with after dumping you so well that you almost don’t mind his terrible British accent.

Best moment: When he pulled nunchucks out of his pants to fight Berke during musical rehearsal.

Felix Woods | Colin Hanks

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Not only is he the son of Tom Hanks, but how could you forget him as the hilarious Shaun in Orange County, or the adorkable Oliver in The House Bunny? However, first and most importantly, he was the sassy best friend who turned out to be right about everything and ended up dating the hot, accident prone Australian girl.

Best moment: Every time he mentioned his aunt’s hormonally imbalanced dog, bringing to life the idiom, “just watching Chester screw the rubber tree.”

Maggie | Zoe Saldana

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She’s landed roles in Pirates of the Carribbean, Star Trek, Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy, and most importantly Crossroads with one Miss Britney Spears. But no one will ever play the terrible best friend as well as she did.

Best moment: Whenever she wasn’t on screen being a terrible best friend.

Basin | Mila Kunis

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Definitely the most recognizable actor to come out of this movie, landing amazing roles because her performance as the “muck mouth” Basin will always leave us wanting more.

Best moment: When she fell in love with Sisquó after they totally slayed their dance routine together and all the other actors were so embarrassed they left the stage.

Peter Wong | Christopher Jacot

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He was in the Aaliyah made for TV movie, but more importantly he was the teacher who had an affair with Paige on Degrassi and that’s probably the only thing that matters other than the fact that he will forever be Peter Wong in our hearts.

Best moment: Tie between his audition and when he ironically told some rando to, “break a leg.”

Little Steve | Dov Tiefenbach

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The iconic Little Steve is little no more. While he continued acting and has appeared in multiple indie projects, he also was a part of various indie-pop bands in Toronto. He's been dating Mae Whitman since 2008. Lucky, lucky, Little Steve.

Best Moment: When he got shot down to be the lead in the play. Poor Little Steve.

Dr. Desmond Forrest Oates | Martin Short

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The best part of this whole film since he was the most famous person at the time the movie came out. Even now, if you don’t know who Martin Short is, you obviously don’t like laughing. He is to Get Over It as Mrs. Darby is to High School Musical, but to the extreme.

Best moment: The fact that throughout the entire movie he treated a high school musical as if it was a Broadway production.

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