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    Chris Pratt And Anna Faris Are Basically The Cutest Celebrity Couple Ever

    Pratt + Faris = the ultimate relationship goal.

    First off, Chris Pratt hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

    Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

    And it was a GREAT way to begin the 40th Season!

    His opening monologue showcased his adorableness.

    NBC / Via missjax528

    And his affection for his wife Anna.

    NBC / Via missjax
    NBC / Via missjax528

    Who showed how giddy and in love she is while sitting in the audience.

    NBC / Via missjax528

    Who wouldn't have that response if Chris Pratt called you a hottie?

    And then, Chris explained how they came to having their son Jack.

    NBC / Via missjax528

    If his monologue wasn't proof enough, Anna walked on stage at the end of the show to congratulate him.

    NBC / Via missjax528

    With an adorably big hug.

    NBC / Via missjax528

    Which made Chris even happier.

    NBC / Via missjax528

    'Nuff Said.

    Mario Anzuoni / Reuters / Via
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