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Seth Rogen's Mom Just Won Twitter

Mom's can tweet too!

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You May Have Never Seen Her Before Considering the Fact that if You Google, "Seth Rogen's Mom" This is What You Get...


For those of you who don't know, that is Barbara Streisand who played Seth's mom in the 2012 film, Guilt Trip.

Well, With Only 35 Tweets, Sandy Has Won the Hearts of a Few Thousand Twitter Users Through Her Brilliantly Crafted Words

@Sethrogen i learned how to tweet.

— Sandy Rogen (@RogenSandy) February 27, 2013

@Sethrogen i am tweeting!

— Sandy Rogen (@RogenSandy) August 4, 2013



— Sandy Rogen (@RogenSandy) January 9, 2014

Her Biggest Problem is that She Can't Seem to Get Her Son to Respond to Her

@Sethrogen they are all from your mother !

— Sandy Rogen (@RogenSandy) December 19, 2013

Which is Not Only Upsetting for a Mother, but also for Her Followers

@RogenSandy @Sethrogen Seth, reply to your mother.

— Stephen Verbeck (@stephenverbeck) October 11, 2014


@RogenSandy Hey @Sethrogen, call your Mom please.

— g (@gechsor15) October 13, 2014

But She Really Does Tell Some Amazing Stories

@Sethrogen your 3 tr old nephew said he has" diareena". And is obsessed with schmushy poo.

— Sandy Rogen (@RogenSandy) January 26, 2014

And Unlike Many Celebrities, She Tweets the Christmas Gifts that Really Mean Something to Her

I needed a new ballsack!!!

— Sandy Rogen (@RogenSandy) December 27, 2013

Mostly Importantly, However, She Admits Her Faults and Is Relatable

uh oh. i,m not that good at twittering!

— Sandy Rogen (@RogenSandy) October 13, 2014

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