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CSRF attacked

The description has been modified through CSRF as well

Amazing San Francisco Themed Cosplay Photos

These are some fantastic San Francisco themed cosplay photos taken by Kairu Photography over the course of 2 years.

Best Travel Podcasts For 2017

Need travel tips, advice, or inspiration? Here's a list to help you find some of the best travel podcasts worth binging on right now. Topping the list is Go the Travel Podcast.

Not Here to Make Friends

On the importance of unlikable female protagonists.

20 Cosas que solo entenderás si eres Guatemalteco

Que lastima que el resto del mundo no nos entiende...

Lonely Island's New Music Video Combines "Between Two Ferns" And A Raucous Spring Break Party

Oh, also James Franco, Edward Norton, and a strong pro-gay marriage theme! This is their first installment of Wack Wednesdays, which will see the release music/videos in anticipation of their third album, The Wack Album, due out June 11

There's Some Weird Stuff On This Rabbit...

A rabbit is taking Tumblr and Twitter by storm.

Guy Has A Close Encounter With Shark Caught On Video

Guy fishing off the leeward coast of Oahu catches something on his line, and his camera catches something even more spectacular. (Warning, expletive in video)

27 Great Instagrams By The Department Of The Interior

At @usinterior, national park rangers share the beauty of the American wilderness with the world.

All The Swearing From Game Of Thrones

We're all caught up now

Only The Best Taylor Swift Mash-Ups

A collection of the best I Knew You Were Trouble mash-ups on the internet.

Wombat Would Cuddle You So Hard

Warning: Belly rubs at the 1:12 mark.

Just Taylor Swift Collaborating With A Goat

For the goat's sake let's hope it doesn't break her heart.

Improv Everywhere Stages A Light Show At Grand Central

In celebration of Grand Central's 100th birthday, 135 Improv Everywhere participants used LED flash lights and camera phones to give commuters quite a show. Figures this would happen the one day I'm not there.

NSFW Unedited Interview With Hatchet Carrying Hitchhiker

Unedited Interview With Hatchet Carrying Hitchhiker

The NFL: A Bad Lip Reading

Ever wonder what they are really saying?

The First Clip From "The Canyons" Has Arrived

Well this is...dramatic? Almost two minutes of Lindsay Lohan looking for her phone, then some yelling.

Robots Play Motorhead

Compressorhead practice at Robocross head quarters in Berlin with Ace of Spades.

10 Most Common New Year's Resolutions As Illustrated By Cats

Let these cats show you all the resolutions you are going to break in 2013.

Is This The Craziest Mashup On The Internet?

Miles Davis' improvising on LCD Soundsystem "New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down", made by just playing two youtube videos with the right timing.

The First Trailer For World War Z

Brad Pitt meets the Walking Dead. I'm already sold.

Barack Obama Singing Can't Touch This

Agree or not: Obama is a legend

German Dude Vs Frozen Pool

I give it a nein/10

A Family Surprise At A South Carolina Football Game

The Faile family from Kershaw, South Carolina, was the Military Family of the Game and as a result where invited on to the field of a South Carolina football game, to receive a message from husband/dad Scott Faile via big screen.

Ohio State Marching Band Video Game Tribute

Not sure if amazing performance or huge nerd.

Cartoon Network 20th Birthday Music Video!!

Happy Birthday CN and hello nostalgia! This mind-blowing video greeting card – animated by London-based I Love Dust commemorating the 20th anniversary of Cartoon Network, features what seem to be every character the Network owns the rights to.


Watch video and prepare to have your mind blown.

Homer Simpson Votes

Well, at least he's doing his civic duty.

Lady Gaga Put This On The Back Of Her Head

Wait... you're growing your hair back, right?

Then And Now Photos Of The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

Photographer Shawn Clover created “photo mash-ups” of the ruins of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake with the modern day city scape.

Wrong Direction

Political commentary at its best. And most watchable.

New "Star Wars"-Type Hover Bike Built To Protect Ewoks?

A hover vehicle from the 1960s gets redesigned to allow anyone to fly it without pilot and, in the future, protecting Ewoks.

Animals Acting Like Sharks Week

This is Shark Week internet style.

Obama That I Used To Know

We could have been so much more than just friends with healthcare benefits.

Usain Bolt Stops An Interview In Honor Of The US National Anthem

do we need another reason to love this guy?

Guy Gets REALLY Excited Over Trains

Double TRAIN-bow all the way across the tracks.

USA Swimming Team 'Call Me Maybe' Dub

The 2012 USA Swimming Team performed a lip dub to Carly Rae Jepsen's summer anthem "Call Me Maybe." Why is this awesome? A shirtless Ryan Lochte blows a kiss. Go USA!

People Rescue Bear Cubs From A Dumpster

the bear ladder will restore your faith in humanity.

How To Build A $9 Cardboard Bicycle

a surprisingly sustainable bike made from cardboard

Super Manatees!

Super Manatees! "Nuff Said.

Chick-Fil-A PR Fail

Chick-Fil-A PR person gets busted in the act of lying about the recall of the Jim Henson kids meal toys.

Amazon Yesterday Shipping

It's so fast it's delivered yesterday

Birds Eye View Of Fireworks Exploding

Just in time for July 4th, here's a unique point of view of exploding fireworks.

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