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  • Former Australian Prime Minister (and Current Foreign Minister) Loses His Shit

    Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister of Australia between 2007 and 2010, when his Labor Party decided they didn’t like him any more and replaced him with Julia Gillard. Now, Gillard is tanking in the polls and there’s talk once again that Rudd will be back with a vengeance. However, many Labor politicians privately despise him and it seems miraculously good timing that a video should suddenly emerge of Rudd swearing like a drunken sailor. But did whoever leaked this really think it through? In any other country this would probably mean the end of his political career, but in Australia this might just make him even more popular. Struth, the F-word even features in our national anthem! (Note: the F-word does not feature in our national anthem, unless you count “for” or “free”)

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