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Fiction By Roxane Gay: Two Women Who Have To Hide Their Love

In the story ‘Of Ghosts and Shadows’ by Roxane Gay, two women defy their Haitian hometown by unapologetically loving each other — even if they have to keep that love hidden.

Roxane Gay • One year ago

What It Takes To Write an Epic, Genre-Bending Fantasy Best-Seller

Erika Johansen, the author of The Queen of the Tearling trilogy, talks with Roxane Gay about building fantastical worlds, playing with complex characters, and rooting for female protagonists who are tough as nails.

Roxane Gay • 4 years ago

The Books That Made Me Who I Am

I am the product of endless books.

Roxane Gay • 5 years ago

Why I Am A Bad Feminist

Author Roxane Gay on being a bad feminist and how you can be one too.

Roxane Gay • 5 years ago

Two Damn Books: How I Got Here And Where I Want To Go

It was surreal to get everything I wanted in one bright flash.

Roxane Gay • 5 years ago

The Answers We Look For In War Literature

On military fiction, the stories through which we attempt to understand combat, and Cara Hoffman's Be Safe I Love You.

Roxane Gay • 5 years ago

Not Here to Make Friends

On the importance of unlikable female protagonists.

Roxane Gay • 5 years ago

"Identity Thief" And Hollywood's Narrow Road For Overweight Actresses

Rex Reed's outrageous slam on Melissa McCarthy is more in keeping with the film's spirit than filmmakers might like to admit.

Roxane Gay • 6 years ago

Surviving "Django"

An African-American's experience of watching Tarantino's slavery-revenge tale in a small rural town.

Roxane Gay • 6 years ago