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Best Celeb 2014

Best Celeb 2014

Bradley Cooper's Hair In 2014

Explained by nonsensical, poorly-drawn graphs.

12 Times Anna Wintour Perfected The Art Of Looking Like She Couldn't Care Less In 2014

We can all take lessons from Vogue's iconic editor-in-chief!

The 29 Most Life-Changing One Direction Moments Of 2014

It was truly a great year to be a Directioner.

Top 75 Most Iconic Things Britney Spears Did In 2014

It was a really cool and urban year to be a Britney Spears fan.

The 25 Most Drab Celebrity Looks Of 2014

As voted by you. (Sorry.)

The 20 Most Charitable Celebs Of 2014

The biggest stars who used their fame for social good — putting the spotlight on everything from feminism to LGBT rights.

The 32 Best Aaron Paul Faces Of 2014

He's a man of many facial expressions, bitch.

Whose Butt Had The Biggest Year In 2014?

In a year filled with butts, whose booty reigned supreme?

25 Times Lee Pace Won Your Heart In 2014

And, um, maybe also destroyed your loins.

The 61 Most WTF Celebrity Moments Of 2014

'Twas quite a bizarre year.

26 Times Tom Hiddleston Made You Wish He Were Yours In 2014

We should be so Loki, Loki, Loki, Loki.

Hilary Duff Was The Walking Queen Of 2014

Twas the year of Hilary Duff using her two legs to walk around. And she did it really well.

The 55 Greatest Celebrity #TBT Photos Of 2014

It was an EPIC year in #TBTs.

27 Times Nick Jonas Made Us The Thirstiest In 2014

He gave us all a "Joner" more than once, that's for sure.

The Most Badass, Inspiring Celebrity Quotes About Feminism In 2014

"Fighting for women's rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating. If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that this has to stop."

The 21 Deepest Liam Payne Tweets Of 2014

He's a man of many words.

All The Times "Game Of Thrones" Stars Did Normal Stuff In 2014

Them doing normal stuff instead of fighting is sooooo odd. Who would have thought they're actually real?

19 Reasons Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Are The Ultimate #FriendshipGoals

Kaylor was the best thing to happen in 2014 and if you don't agree you are wrong.

37 Times Benedict Cumberbatch Well And Truly Owned 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch basically just owned this year.

The 20 Most Satisfying Cast Reunions Of 2014

It was a fetch year for nostalgic reunions that made us feel good.

10 Celebrities Who Gained The Most Followers In 2014

That's a LOT of followers in a single year.

The 10 Most Popular Celebrities On Twitter In 2014

Can *you* guess which celeb was talked about the most on Twitter this year?

22 Times Selena Gomez Totally Killed It In 2014

The heart wants what the heart wants.

10 Celebrity Moments That Basically Broke Twitter In 2014

Queen Lorde ~ruled~ Twitter this year.

The Most Inspiring Advice Taylor Swift Gave Fans In 2014

"It's all going to be okay. None of us know how our lives are going to turn out. And I think it's best that way."

23 Reasons You'll Always Want To Be Blake Lively

2014 was the year of Queen Blake.

The Top 9 Things Oprah Harvested In 2014

You get a Rutabaga. AND YOU GET A RUTABAGA.

35 Life-Changing Things Anna Kendrick Tweeted In 2014

Or, why Anna Kendrick is the greatest human on Twitter and also in the world.

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