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The 21 Best Daniel Radcliffe Moments Of 2014


1. When Daniel Radcliffe surprised the world with his impressive rap skills.

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2. That time Dan gave this sweet piece of advice to a teen on Twitter.

3. When he was spotted walking a ginormous group of dogs on the streets of New York.

4. That time he gave a stranger a rather terrible haircut for whatever reason.

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But he was so charming about it.

5. When Dan revealed the truth behind the friend zone.

6. When Dan and Jimmy played a game and it was hilarious.

7. That time the Harry Potter star talked about his Broadway experiences.

8. When Dan disguised himself as Spider-Man at Comic Con.

9. When Dan shut down a reporter and became our favorite feminist.

10. When he used these really horrible pickup lines in promotion of his rom-com What If.

11. When Dan sorted celebrities into Hogwarts houses.

12. When Dan played Would You Ever with Juno Temple and proved he's a good person by reporting a theft.

13. That time Dan showed just how much he loves American football.

14. When he surprised fans at a screening and made their lives whole again.

15. When Dan revealed what he was thinking of being for Halloween.

16. And then actually went through with it.

17. When Dan paid off a taxi fare from 2012 like the stand-up guy he is.

Two years later,Daniel Radcliffe pays us back the taxi fare from that infamous night #gent

18. That time he took selfies with his fans because he is SO NICE.

19. When Daniel answered 73 completely random questions for Vogue.

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Vogue: What is something you know about Harry Potter that no one else knows?

Daniel: He didn't really need glasses. That was just a fashion statement.

20. That time he shared a cringeworthy audition story of his.

21. And when he addressed the Boringcliffe/Radcliffe internet meme.

Thanks for being the best, Dan. Looking forward to a rad 2015.