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19 Reasons Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Are The Ultimate #FriendshipGoals

Kaylor was the best thing to happen in 2014 and if you don't agree you are wrong.

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1. They celebrate each other's accomplishments:

There is no competition here, there is only love and support. 👯

2. They laugh at each other's jokes:

Which is obviously your rightful duty as Best Friend.

3. They support each other when they need a hand to hold:

~Through all those ups and downs in life~

4. They have ~cool and fun~ girls nights, like going to a Knicks game:

5. They know how to share friends well:

~Your friends are my friends~

6. They spend every ounce of free time they have together, even throwing parties for the holidays:

7. They've nailed the whole "BFF selfie" thing:

They know each other's angles and how to take the perfect Kaylor pic.

8. They're each other's ultimate dance partner:

9. When they're together all eyes in the world are on them:

They're the ultimate BFF power couple.

10. They will share a seat when there is only one:

~My lap is your lap~

11. They have ~getting ready together~ parties:

Which, as we all know, is always way more fun than any party you will actually go to.

12. They have endless support for each other:

13. They go on road trips while wearing matching outfits:

Road trip essentials: matching turtlenecks, snacks, and 1989 on repeat.

14. They showcase their love for each other wherever they can:

Who needs a friendship bracelet when you can write your love in the sand?

15. They have the most epic baking girls nights that we could only dream of:

It's practically an episode of Barefoot Contessa every time they pop open an oven, probably.

16. They brunch together:

Which we all know is the ultimate friendship duty.
GC Images Alo Ceballos

Which we all know is the ultimate friendship duty.

17. They consistently compliment each other with love and adoration:

Like true BFFs do.

18. And basically they look like straight up perfection every time they're together:

Getty Images for Victoria's Secr Gareth Cattermole

19. But mostly because they're pretty much the queens of the world:

Bow down to Kaylor.


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