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19 Reasons Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Are The Ultimate #FriendshipGoals

Kaylor was the best thing to happen in 2014 and if you don't agree you are wrong.

1. They celebrate each other's accomplishments:

2. They laugh at each other's jokes:

Which is obviously your rightful duty as Best Friend.

3. They support each other when they need a hand to hold:

~Through all those ups and downs in life~

4. They have ~cool and fun~ girls nights, like going to a Knicks game:

5. They know how to share friends well:

6. They spend every ounce of free time they have together, even throwing parties for the holidays:

7. They've nailed the whole "BFF selfie" thing:

8. They're each other's ultimate dance partner:

9. When they're together all eyes in the world are on them:

10. They will share a seat when there is only one:

~My lap is your lap~

11. They have ~getting ready together~ parties:

12. They have endless support for each other:

13. They go on road trips while wearing matching outfits:

14. They showcase their love for each other wherever they can:

15. They have the most epic baking girls nights that we could only dream of:

16. They brunch together:

17. They consistently compliment each other with love and adoration:

18. And basically they look like straight up perfection every time they're together:

19. But mostly because they're pretty much the queens of the world:

Bow down to Kaylor.