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The 21 Deepest Liam Payne Tweets Of 2014

He's a man of many words.

1. When he was flabbergasted by the passing of time:

It's so late I didn't even realise

2. When he questioned the truth behind jet lag:

3. When he had a lot of questions about sleep:

Am I gunna A wake up really early or B not sleep

4. When he joyously celebrated:

5. When he celebrated the act of showering:

6. When he discovered his true Patronus:

7. When he was mystified about the true glory of life:

8. When his fate changed in an instant:

It was great because today has been a really boring day and now it's not :)

9. When he questioned the day's purpose:

10. When he had deep thoughts about pain:

11. When he truly regretted a deep mistake:

12. When he expressed his angst for alarm clocks:

13. When he was overwhelmed with emotion for wintertime:

14. When his excitement for bedtime knew no bounds:

15. When his pain was overwhelming:

16. When he bestowed the highest honor upon cars:

17. When he was truly elated:

18. When he questioned his talent and abilities:

19. When he deeply contemplated his alternative career:

20. When he lamented over letting people see the real him:

21. When he regretted important life decisions:

Liam Payne: the most profound and intellectual Twitterer of 2014.