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15 Reasons To Love Jonathan Groff

Happy 30th Birthday, Jonathan Groff! To welcome him to the 30 Club (I just joined a months ago. We have a special handshake), let's remember the days before 30 and why he's so awesome.

Aimee Curameng 4 years ago

The 1999 American Music Awards Was The Most '90s Award Show Of The '90s

The 1999 American Music Awards was a summary of our time in the '90s. The internet was still in its infancy, record sales were still booming, and boybands ruled the world. If we had to create a time capsule to define our decades, this is the tape we should leave in there for the '90s, and here's why...

Aimee Curameng 5 years ago

What It Feels Like To Watch Your Video Gain Popularity

I went to a couple Jason Mraz concerts this year after a long hiatus and loved every second of it. Thursday night, Jason said he should pay tribute to his musical theater roots since we were at the Pantages - one of LA's musical theater venues best known for touring productions. He said Carole King had a musical so he'd sing a song from her and asked if anyone in the audience knew the harmony to add to Raining Jane's harmonies. With the exception of one enthusiastic audience member, no one did. He asked someone from the wings to sing with him and Sara Bareilles pops out. The audience lost it. I was extremely excited to see two of my favorite performers together and decided to capture the moment. The next morning, the following happened.

Aimee Curameng 5 years ago

The 16 Mandatory Rules Of Theater Etiquette

So you’re interested in going to see a play or a musical and you’re not a regular theatergoer. I’m going to help you out by giving you a list of 16 rules to take with you when you go see a show. Please abide by all of them. All of them. I compiled this list before this article came out but this is a must-read to accompany the following.

Aimee Curameng 5 years ago

10 Reasons To Love Jay Brannan

If you haven't joined the Jay Brannan lovin' bandwagon, I don't know what you're waiting for. Jay Brannan is one of the most talented and prolific singer/songwriters around and here are 10 reasons why you should get to know him.

Aimee Curameng 5 years ago

20 Lesser-Known Songs By Groups From The '90s/'00s

"I Want It That Way" is the Backstreet Boys' biggest hit but it's not the song that launched them into the hearts of millions of pre-teens in America. What song was it and what other songs by 90s/00s artists have you forgotten about?

Aimee Curameng 5 years ago