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    10 Reasons You Shouldn't Sleep On Netflix's "Wish Dragon"


    If you haven't seen Wish Dragon yet, why not?! As an Asian woman, I love seeing representation on the screen.

    Raya and the Last Dragon was great. But while Raya is an epic tale, this is an epic tale of a different kind. It involves an ordinary guy, his childhood best friend, and a dragon obsessed with shrimp chips.

    1. There is an All-Asian voice cast.

    Wikipedia list of the cast.

    2. Din and Li Na are the BEST best friends.

    din and li na sit on a bench holding pictures they've drawn

    3. Mysticism is only part of the story.

    Older man holding a green teapot.

    4. It features an actual Asian mother.

    Din holds a bowl of soup with a curtain separating him from his mother.

    5. It features real cultural representation.

    A pink dragon holding a bag of shrimp chips.

    6. It's hilarious!

    Caption of dragon saying, "You mean to tell me this happens every single day?"

    7. It takes place in the modern world.

    Man holding up iPad to his face.

    8. It has fully-realized characters.

    A girl holding up a dumping wrapper and a woman rolling dumpling dough.

    9. There are worthy lessons to be learned.

    Boy hugging a pink dragon.

    10. And overall, it's just a GREAT movie.

    Pink dragon hugging a boy.

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