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    People Are Sharing The Most Realistic Siblings On TV, And I Have To Call My Sister

    David and Alexis have always been sibling goals.

    Recently, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the most realistic sibling dynamics they've seen on TV. Here are some of the best responses:

    1. Monica and Ross from Friends.

    Monica telling Ross she hated him when they were kids

    "Monica and Ross had their weird moments, but the episode where he was spending too much time at Monica's apartment and she told him she hated him when they were younger always stands out to me as spot-on for adult siblings. My little brother and I are close now, but we pretty much hated each other until I was 16 and he was 12."


    2. Kendall, Shiv, Roman, and Connor from Succession.

    Shiv and Roman getting into a physical fight on "Succession"

    "Especially Shiv and Roman. The scene where these two start physically fighting each other at the hospital is probably the funniest and most realistic dynamic ever, and also when Roman calls her a fucking bitch after she compliments him."


    3. Alexis and David from Schitt's Creek.

    Alexis complaining that she wanted to grab dinner with her boyfriend but now wants to stay in to be there for David
    PopTV / CBC

    "I remember watching it with my sister for the first time, and she was like, 'FINALLY, some TV siblings that actually act like real ones do.' We were both impressed by the way they give each other shit but also have each other’s back and very reluctantly open up to each other when it’s needed."


    4. Katara and Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    Katara calling Sokka out for staring at his reflection in the water

    "From the sibling arguments in the opening episode to their love and protection of each other over the series, they are sibling goals. I wish I was as close to and trusted my sibs as much."


    5. Fleabag and Claire from Fleabag.

    Fleabag telling Claire they'd make a cute couple, which is disturbing to the older sister
    Amazon Prime

    "Fleabag and Claire are a realistic portrayal of sisters who are total opposites. They would never be friends in any sense of the word, but the bond shown between them over the two seasons reminds me of my relationship with my sister."


    6. Elena and Alex from One Day at a Time.

    Elena catching Alex stealing their Mom's pills

    "Reminds me so much of my relationship with my brother."


    7. Sam and Dean from Supernatural.

    Dean making fun of Sam for jumping off the shed when they were kids because he thought he could fly
    The CW

    "They had each other’s back. The way Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki portrayed them was amazing; they literally became brothers offscreen, too."


    8. Callie and Mariana from The Fosters and Good Trouble.

    Callie and Mariana supporting each other even though both of their jobs suck

    "I love how in The Fosters you get to watch them go from foster siblings to sisters, but in Good Trouble you really get to see them grow as individuals and as siblings. They fight, but they also love and support each other no matter what. And the fact that Cierra and Maia are such great friends outside of the show makes it so much better."

    Shauna Braun

    9. Fiona, Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, and Liam from Shameless.

    Fiona making her siblings tell her she was right and they were wrong

    "The Gallagher siblings from Shameless. Especially Ian and Lip. They all loved each other and would do anything for each other, but also all fought like siblings do."


    10. Eric and Laurie from That '70s Show.

    Eric covering Laurie's head with a pillow after she refused to give him the remote control

    "Their bickering was super similar to mine and my sister's. Also the different ways the parents treat the siblings."


    11. Zack and Cody from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

    Zack making fun of Cody for dying his hair

    "The way Zack was always making fun of Cody for being a dork, and Cody ripped on Zack for being an idiot, was so real."


    12. Haley, Alex, and Luke from Modern Family.

    Alex and Luke comforting Haley after she told them she was pregnant

    "The three Dunphy kids on Modern Family I thought were always spot-on! They would make fun of each other but still be there for each other when it mattered."


    13. Chuck and Ellie from Chuck.

    Chuck telling Ellie he's sorry she didn't know he was a spy because she raised him

    "Chuck and Ellie’s relationship on Chuck is maybe the best sibling relationship I’ve seen on any TV show. They both care about each other and want to protect each other so much, but in such different ways. The scene when Ellie and Chuck finally talk about Chuck being a spy is the perfect representation of their relationship."


    14. Bart and Nora from The Flash.

    Bart and Nora arguing about quantum physics
    The CW

    "The sibling dynamic between Bart and Nora is spot-on! That is EXACTLY how siblings behave."


    15. Axl, Sue, and Brick from The Middle.

    Brick filming his siblings while they are hopped up on pain medication from wisdom teeth surgery

    "They annoyed the heck outta each other, just like real life."


    16. Sam and Casey from Atypical.

    Sam catching Kasey kissing someone and asking if she has a girlfriend

    "That show helped me figure out I’m on the spectrum. Their constant teasing, yet still showing up for each other, was incredible. Really shows the best side of humanity."


    17. Lindsay and Becca from You’re the Worst.

    Lindsay asking a drunken Becca when was the last time she was happy
    FX Networks

    "It's one of the best portrayals of adult sibling rivalry. They are at each other’s throat while also being consistently in each other’s life by choice. They get a lot of passive-aggressive comments in and it can be over the top, but that’s also the style of the show. Over several seasons, they realize why their toxic upbringing made them that way, and they grow together with this epiphany. Just go watch it."


    18. Molly and Gert from Marvel’s Runaways.

    Gert comforting Molly and telling her they are sisters forever and nothing will change that

    "They fight and bicker like an old married couple, but when their parents tried to send Molly away, Gert comforted her and told her she wouldn’t let anything happen to her. That’s literally the exact relationship I have with my brother."


    19. Prue, Piper, and Phoebe from Charmed.

    Sisters comforting each other
    The WB

    "My big sister and I used to play as the Charmed Ones when we were kids. She was Prue and I was Phoebe. We had huge differences, I felt like the black sheep, while my sister was expected to be responsible for me. But we love each other to death and would do anything to protect each other. Every time I rewatch seasons 1 through 3 of Charmed, the scenes between Prue and Phoebe (arguing, worrying, laughing, all of it) still remind me of my sister and me."


    20. And finally, PJ, Teddy, Gabe, Charlie, and Toby from Good Luck Charlie.

    A teenage older sister doing homework while her younger brother makes a mess in the kitchen with the baby

    "As someone who is one of four with a large age gap, I think the dynamics are really realistic: The teenagers take on parental roles while still bickering with each other. The middle child gets away with murder while the parents keep on top of the kids at either end of the age range. Obviously, the situations they get into are insane, but the simultaneous hate and insane levels of love are the truth!"


    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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