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    25 Specific Things Millennials Did In The '90s That They'll Probably Never Get To Do Again

    There was nothing like recording a song off the radio perfectly the first time.

    1. Tape your favorite TV show on a VHS tape:

    Blank Sony VHS tapes 7 pack

    2. Open a brand-new Disney VHS movie and immediately look through the coupons that came in it:

    Six different Disney VHS tapes still in the wrapping

    3. Struggle to open one of these Disney Read-Along Book and Tape:

    Snow White book on tape in packaging

    4. Feel a little victorious because you moved around while carrying your portable CD player and it didn't skip:

    Stock image of kid jumping while listening to music on portable CD

    5. Sing along with Stick Stickly:

    Screen shot of Stick Stickly at a news desk

    6. Record a song you wanted off the radio perfectly on the first try:

    Close up front a deck recorder of the vintage stereo cassette tape player with the push operation buttons are retro technology

    7. Watch the TV Guide Channel to see what was on:

    A screenshot of the TV Guide channel of a smiling face from a commercial with some channels scrolling by underneath it

    8. Pass a note to your friend during class:

    Stock image close up of two kids passing a note in class

    9. Look forward to a rainy day so that you could play this game during P.E.:

    Screenshot of kids playing the parachute game in a gym

    10. Walk into a Warner Bros. Studio Store and want everything:

    photo of big Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman figures inside a Warner Bros Store

    11. And think that you would grow up and decorate your home with the ~fancy~ art in the back of the store:

    Tweety and Sylvester as pop art

    12. Buy a CD single at Tower Records:

    Photo of a Tower Records

    13. Be tempted to buy an overpriced album at Sam Goody's:

    Photo of two kids looking at a CD in a Sam Goody's

    14. Walk through the kids door at Imaginarium:

    Imaginarium stores. #90s #gencrate

    Twitter: @GenerationCrate

    15. Fight with your sibling over who got to use the phone:

    Photo of a teen girl talking on the phone in her family's kitchen

    16. Have to get off the internet because someone needed to use the phone:

    AOL dial-up screen

    17. Play Space Cadet 'cause the internet was down:

    Space Cadet pinball game screenshot

    18. Be excited 'cause you got a Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt as your vacation souvenir:

    A black Hard Rock Cafe Orlando T-shirt

    19. Get excited as your parents pulled into the Toys 'R' Us parking lot:

    A Family walking into a Toys R Us

    20. The feeling of anticipation as you waited for your disposable camera photos to be developed:

    A Kodak Fun Flash disposable camera

    21. Celebrate a friend's birthday party at Discovery Zone:

    Children playing amid colorful plastic balls and on a big blue pyramid at a Discovery Zone children's fitness center

    22. The excitement of opening a brand-new Pokémon pack:

    A Pokemon trading card pack

    23. Rent a movie with your family at Blockbuster:

    Cashiers helping customers at Blockbuster

    24. Feel elated as you saw the TV cart being rolled into your class:

    25. And lastly, watch scrambled porn:

    Scrambled image on a TV