Fans Are Going Hard For "The White Lotus" On HBO And Here Are 26 Tweets To Prove It

    "I love you, Olivia."

    We're two episodes into HBO's The White Lotus, and if you're not into the gorgeous, Hawaii-set story with a killer cast and Wes Anderson vibes, you're missing out!

    Seriously...we've got Connie Britton, Sydney Sweeney, Alexandra Daddario, Natasha Rothwell, Steve Zahn, and Jennifer Coolidge, to name a few lovely cast members.

    On the back of a boat at sea, Mark takes a photo of Shane and Rachel while Nicole and Quinn talk together in the foreground

    Folks are instantly sucked into the show's murder-mystery intrigue...


    Me when a show starts with a flash-forward confirming someone dies under mysterious circumstances but keeps their identity a secret so I have to try and figure out who it is #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @StephenTissell


    The White Lotus is masterfully serving up cunning plot twists & twisted humor every Sunday now and I’m here for it. #TheWhiteLotus #HBOMAX

    Twitter: @sk1design


    I have no idea where #TheWhiteLotus is headed, but the slow layering of characters and backstories makes it feel like it’s headed towards something inevitable. A richness of impending doom.

    HBO / Twitter: @tinch

    And it's bringing out the Alexandra Daddario and Sydney Sweeney stans.


    I’m watching #TheWhiteLotus for the plot

    Twitter: @TheMichaelORear


    Twitter: @danversyd


    Olivia's only facial expression and yet it means something different every time #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @TVPartyPlanner


    THAT SMILE ♥️ i am so in love with that smile. @sydney_sweeney #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @danversyd

    Jennifer Coolidge is getting much deserved love too.


    Watching the second ep of #TheWhiteLotus and damnit she is so funny.

    Twitter: @Mistertom


    If Jennifer Coolidge doesn’t get an damn Emmy nom next year for #TheWhiteLotus I’ll rage!

    Twitter: @JohnnySibilly

    And the Connie Britton army is making a strong show of support.


    Woke up thinking about Connie Britton. #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @kevinddaly


    hang this image in the louvre #thewhitelotus

    Twitter: @toekneepraysick


    my queen is here #thewhitelotus

    Twitter: @brittonhahn


    nicole mossbacher appreciation tweet #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @bxthdutton

    Aussie actor Murray Barlett is gaining loyal followers...


    Already floored by the work Murray Bartlett is doing in #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @amywatkinez


    Murray Bartlett absolutely slaying in #TheWhiteLotus hands down, my favorite on the series!

    Twitter: @TheOnlyCritic


    Have possible never empathized with a TV character more than I am right now with Armond passive aggressively trying to appease Shane #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @TVPartyPlanner

    And all the characters' various iterations and interactions are positively thrilling.


    I already love #TheWhiteLotus but I would also watch an entire show that was just Jennifer Coolidge and Natasha Rothwell delivering these perfect and honest performances as they talk about trauma

    Twitter: @JarettSays


    E2 of #TheWhiteLotus was so good tonight. This scene with @conniebritton and Alexandra Daddario was brilliant. I LOVE Mike White’s writing. Still waiting patiently for my friend Molly Shannon’s entrance. Unfortunately it won’t be until E4 but the anticipation is exciting. 🙌🏼

    Twitter: @debrapalermo


    OMG the turn that Rachel and Nicole's conversation took. I couldn't look away. #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @TVPartyPlanner


    Watching #TheWhiteLotus and would like to request a spin-off about Lorenzo, the “gay Filipino beast” travel agent

    Twitter: @ImCharlieDale


    20 minutes into #TheWhiteLotus and I already can’t get enough of these two 😂👏🏻

    Twitter: @camwallen

    Though for some out there, there's only one White Lotus...


    hbo don’t try to fool us. these are the real #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @weebakage


    Damn! They got me again! I saw #TheWhiteLotus trending and thought we were talking Avatar the Last Airbender.

    Twitter: @_krys

    But HBO's show is making waves (pun intended), and it looks like the fan love will only pick up steam as the show continues.


    I’m all in with HBO’s #TheWhiteLotus. Two episodes so far and I’m diggin’ all the weird vibes. Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    Twitter: @nerdy_collector


    It should surprise no one that #TheWhiteLotus is incredible. Mike White is a genius. Watch this show!

    HBO / Twitter: @pmiscove


    Ok why did releasing one episode a week become a thing again? Is this 1998?? I want more of The White Lotus! I’m so intrigued!! Let me binge if I want to! 😭 #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @jswarley29

    There are four episodes left! The White Lotus airs on HBO on Sundays at 9 p.m.

    What are your feels on the show? Let us know in the comments!