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The Sex Lives Of College Girls

Leighton and Alicia from "The Sex Lives of College Girls"

12 Popular LGBTQ Characters Who Were Either Done Totally Right Or Royally Wrong By Hollywood

"I loved Micah from The L Word: Generation Q and what he represented as an Asian transgender man. He started the series as an openly gay man, but Season 2 saw him start to develop feelings for his friend's sister. While he dated women pre-transition, he grappled with his feelings toward a woman after coming out as a gay man."

Reneé Rapp Talks "Hating The First Year Of Filming 'The Sex Lives Of College Girls'" Because Of Her Past Struggles With Coming Out As Bisexual

When explaining her coming out story, Reneé Rapp said, "I was just, like, laughed at every time I tried to come out. So then I never really talked about it. And I had always just said, 'I just was one of those people who never felt like they really had to come out.'"

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