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    "Riverdale" Kind Of Killed Off A Main Character, And 16 More TV Moments From This Week

    Riverdale kicked off its new season with character's death...

    There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead!

    The Best TV Moments This Week

    1. First, on Yellowstone, the Duttons continued to wreak havoc on the people who almost killed them, which led to John having a shootout with a man who was bragging about the attack.

    John saying "This is as even as it's gonna get"

    2. And on Yellowstone, Beth continued to try to parent Carter, and it eventually led to Beth and Rip having a conversation about how he will never be their son.

    Beth telling Carter to work hard and then Rip telling her he isn't their son and Beth saying Rip will resent her for not being able to have kids eventually

    3. On Station 19, the entire firehouse continued to mourn Miller, and the episode ended with Miller's dad showing up and taking Pru from Bailey and Ben so she could be with her "family."

    Bailey saying that Station 19 is also Pru's family and he shouldn't take her away from them too

    4. And on Station 19, Maya and Carina decided to start a family after Maya spent the day with Pru and saw that everything would be okay.

    Maya telling Carina that she always felt like she had to stick to a plan, but plans change and she wants to have a baby

    5. On Batwoman, it was revealed that Mary has officially become a version of Poison Ivy after she was infected by one of her vines a few episodes ago.

    Mary as Poison Ivy talking to Renee and asking her about Pam, who is now buried underground

    6. Yellowjackets premiered on Showtime this week. This incredible new series follows a soccer team of talented high school girls who become the survivors of a plane crash deep in the remote wilderness.

    Sophie asking Jasmine if any of the others have appeared

    7. On Dickinson, Emily spent a day with Walt Whitman, who was played brilliantly by Billy Eichner, and it led to Emily declaring her love for Sue in a crowded bar.

    Emily screaming, "I love Sue. And if I was on my death bed right now, all I would want is Sue"

    8. On Insecure, Issa and Nathan opened up to each other — Issa explained why she cried in bed with him, while Nathan talked about experiencing a manic episode while living with his cousins — and it led to the duo sharing a kiss.

    Issa telling Nathan that she's scared to put herself out there, but she doesn't want to just be his friend

    9. Riverdale kicked off its five-episode "Rivervale" event for Season 6, and the episode ended with Archie being sacrificed by the whole town and...dying?!?!?!

    Archie covered in blood, hanging from an altar with ropes around his wrists, and Cheryl sacrificing him to "she who walks amongst the trees"

    10. The Sex Lives of College Girls dropped its first two episodes on HBO Max. The new series by Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble follows four first-year students at the fictional Essex College as they navigate college and their sexualities.

    The cast of The Sex Lives of College Girls

    11. On Grey's Anatomy, Meredith and Nick ended up spending Thanksgiving together after Meredith's flight was canceled. This is just my chance to say how much I love them together.

    Nick telling Meredith his priorities have changed and now they've kissed

    12. Young Sheldon had a mini Big Bang Theory reunion when Simon Helberg reprised his role as Howard in a voiceover with Jim Parsons. The voiceover revealed why Sheldon has always teased Howard about being an engineer.

    Howard and Sheldon arguing after Howard learns that Sheldon teased him for no reason except hating his class

    13. On Succession, Shiv made a deal for additional board seats, while Kendall stormed the stage at the shareholder meeting. This led to both Shiv and Kendall having tough moments with Logan.

    Logan telling Shiv to get away and Logan asking for Kendall's phone number to be blocked

    14. On Queens, Valeria's birth mother shockingly arrived on her front steps, Alexis skipped town after finding out she was pregnant, and Jill's ex-husband basically said "Screw you" and burned the divorce papers.

    Bri telling Jill that she needs her now that Alexis is pregnant and left

    15. The Flash kicked off Season 8 with its five-episode event where Barry learned that he is destined to cause Armageddon in the future.

    Despero telling Barry, "You're the most dangerous kind of killer because you hide in the body of a hero"

    16. The Shrink Next Door premiered on Apple TV+. Starring Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Kathryn Hahn, and Casey Wilson, the series centers on the relationship between Dr. Ike Herschkopf and his longtime patient Marty.

    Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell in The Shrink Next Door

    17. And on the Dopesick series finale, one of the best moments came when Bridget commended Rick and Randy for trying to take down Richard Sackler, even if it didn't go as planned.

    Bridget saying "Here's to the ones who fight the battles, even if they don't with the war"

    We can't fit everything into one post, so what were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!