Rihanna Insulting Helena Bonham Carter's Fashion Sense On "The Graham Norton Show," And 24 Other Funny Pop Culture Moments

    Nothing (I repeat: NOTHING) will ever top Awkwafina's comedy bits in Crazy Rich Asians.

    1. In The Princess Diaries (2001), when Joe taught Mia how to dance like a princess and she was utterly confused. Queen Clarisse was first in awe of Mia's progress, but then had the best "WTF?" reaction when Mia questioned the dance's name.

    Mia: "It's a Wango?"

    2. In Monster-in-Law (2005), when Viola shoved Ruby out the way when she was hatching her diabolical plan to give Charlie an allergic reaction.

    Ruby: "I think you dislocated my vagina"

    3. In Fire Island (2022), when Noah, Keegan, and Max accurately predicted that Howie did a puzzle with his huge Fire Island crush instead of have sex with him.

    Noah: "Tell me you weren't doing a puzzle"

    4. On Saturday Night Live (2021), when Maya Rudolph played Beyoncé in a Hot Ones sketch where she "sweated" like a pig, and did all sorts of out-of-character things you'd NEVER see Beyoncé do.

    Maya: "You got my ass drinking milk, now"

    You can watch the SNL sketch here:

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    NBC / Via youtube.com

    5. On Parks and Recreation (2009–2015), when Leslie reunited her mom with an old fling on Valentine's Day, and compared their reunion to Jennifer Aniston's love life.

    Leslie: "Jen, I really want you to be happy — stay away from John Mayer"

    6. On The Graham Norton Show (2007–present), when the Ocean's 8 cast was on promoting their movie and Rihanna insulted Helena Bonham Carter's fashion sense in the process.

    Helena never attending the Met Gala, and Rihanna's response: "That's because you wear dresses like that"

    7. On The Golden Girls (1985–1992), when Dorothy was completely dumbfounded by Blanche and Rose's late-night activities.

    Dorothy: "What the hell goes on at night in this house?!"

    8. In Mamma Mia! (2008), when Tanya didn't comprehend Donna's dilemma when Sophie's dad arrived in Greece unexpectedly.

    Donna: "It's her dad" Tanya: "Who's dad?" Donna: "Sophie's dad"

    9. On Abbott Elementary (2021–present), when Barbara had a difficult time learning the new technology program and dismissed Janine's help, even though she couldn't help her own students.

    Barbara: "Now, who took that picture of me?" Janine: "Hey, how it's going with the new program?" Barbara: "It's a little hard to understand, but I'm getting the hang of it" Student: "I don't get this" Barbara: "Sweetheart, neither do I"

    10. On Saturday Night Live (2022), when Bowen Yang and Aidy Bryant created the most hilarious Weekend Update sketch of all time: Trend Forecasters. Their dramatic performance was funny as hell, especially when they broke character.

    Aidy: "Baby, why are you doing that? That's insane!" Bowen: "Eating cheerios with a dumb on your ass? No"

    You can watch the SNL sketch here:

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    NBC / Via youtube.com

    11. On The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990–1996), when Will couldn't deal with his mom and his fiancée's dad having sex, and overreacted in the most laugh-out-loud way possible.

    Will" "Mama, noooooo!"

    12. In Crazy Rich Asians (2018), when Nick asked Peik Lin if she wanted to come to his lavish party, and gave him the most Peik response.

    Peik: "Yeah, I'll fucking come to dinner"

    13. In Moonstruck (1987), when Loretta's fiancée unexpectedly came home from Italy the same night she had sex with his brother. The next morning her mother refused to be apart of the messy situation, and gave one of the most hilarious reactions of all-time.

    Loretta: "Answer the door!"

    14. On Living Single (1993–1998), when Maxine brilliantly compared men to Al Pacino's deceiving character in The Godfather, which Khadijah whole-heartedly agreed with.

    Maxine: "Remember in 'The Godfather' when Diana Keaton asked Al Pacino if he had his brother-in-law killed, and he says no even though he did? That's men!"

    15. On Schitt's Creek (2015–2020), when Johnny thought Ted's mom hit on him, and referred to her "advances" as a "whisper of desire."

    Johnny: "I think I might've gotten...a whisper...of desire"

    16. In 2019, when Keke Palmer did Vanity Fair's Lie Detector test and wasn't afraid to admit that she had no idea who Dick Cheney was.

    Keke confused about who Dick Cheney is in a hilarious and unapologetic way

    You can watch Keke Palmer's Lie Detector test here:

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    Vanity Fair / Via youtube.com

    17. On The Good Place (2016–2020), when Derek could NOT stop saying Jason's name, no matter how hard he tried.

    Derel repeatedly saying Jason's name

    18. In Horrible Bosses (2011), when Dale was on a stakeout and got distracted when he sang "That's Not My Name" in the most high-pitched voice.

    Dale singing "That's Not My Name" by the Ting Tings

    19. In Carol (2015), whenever Carol interacted with a man and gave him the most passionate death-stares in the world.

    Carol annoyed by men

    20. On Friends (1994–2004), when Rachel's sister, Amy, insulted the importance of Ross' Ph.D. compared with doctors who have a medical degree, and Rachel couldn't help but agree with her.

    Rachel insulting Ross in their apartment, sarcastically telling him she'd rather him show up at a restaurant to save her life rather than a medical doctor

    21. On Saturday Night Live (2014), when Leslie Jones rapped the funniest verse about bowls in the "Back Home Ballers" musical number.

    Leslie: "Bowl on the toilet, bowl on the shelf, bowel of M&M's"

    You can watch the SNL sketch here:

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    NBC / Via youtube.com

    22. On PEN15 (2019–2021), when Maya and Anna asked an ouija board who was in the room with them, and why they were there.

    Ouija board spelling out "CLIT"

    23. On The Sex Lives of College Girls (2021–present), when Lila gave Kimberly "sound" advice for Nico's birthday present.

    Lila: "As long as you pair it with a handwritten card. Something like: 'Happy birthday, Nico, I love that thick dick"

    24. In 2016, when Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda did a Ted Conference interview, and Lily caught Jane off-guard by jabbing her knee to make it fly in the air.

    Tomlin jabbing Fonda in the knee

    25. And in Dick (1999), when Betsy and Arlene revealed they were Deep Throat on the day President Nixon resigned in disgrace.

    Betsy: "Look! You suck, Dick!"