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    25 Shows That Prove Britain Has The Most WTF Television Out There

    The UK has some of the best TV in the world, but also some of the most WTF.

    1. Tree of the Year: A Channel 4 series where Dougal from Father Ted gives an award to a tree, because apparently trees deserve their own ceremony now.

    Channel 4 / Kudos / Via

    There are more than 3 billion trees in the UK, by the way.

    2. Dogs Might Fly: a show where dogs, actual dogs, are taught how to fly light aircraft.

    OSF / Group M / Sky One

    And yeah, they actually managed to do it. They were given treats when they turned the steering wheel in the right direction.

    Some of the training didn't really go to plan though.

    OSF / Group M / Sky One

    3. Culinary Genius: a cooking battle show featuring rounds where contestants had to just cut up vegetables.

    Studio Ramsay / All3Media / Via

    The show also featured the most WTF catchphrase.

    Studio Ramsay / All3Media / Via

    4. Life Stripped Bare: a baffling social experiment where three households gave up their possessions, including all of their clothes, to see if it made them happy.

    Channel 4 / Princess Productions / Via

    Turns out they were a lot happier when they got clothes.

    5. Drugs Live: a show where we got respected Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow to try skunk for some reason.

    Channel 4 / Via

    Channel 4 also once broadcast a show about grannies smoking weed in Amsterdam.

    6. Naked Attraction: People choose who to date by seeing them for the first time naked in a box. (They only see one part of their anatomy at a time – so, like, penis first.)

    Channel 4 / Studio Lambert / Via

    Oh and when they get rejected they have to step out of the box and hug the person choosing them while naked.

    7. Spring Break With Grandad: British teens head to Cancun with their older relatives in a competition to see who can "party the hardest".

    MTV UK / Handsome Productions / Via

    Some of the relatives were pretty intense.

    8. Trainspotting Live: a live BBC Four show where we saw trains passing various stations, followed by analysis.

    BBC Four / Via

    Yes, this is actually a real show and it featured amazing moments like this.

    9. Who's Doing The Dishes?: where contestants try to guess which celebrity is cooking them dinner, and if they guess correctly the celebrity does the washing up.

    ITV Studios / Via

    If they didn't guess correctly, then they would have to the washing up.


    10. Sex Box: a show where people literally have sex in a box and then talk about it in front of a studio audience.

    Clearstory / / Via

    We didn't see or hear the sex, just endured awkward conversations about what it was like directly afterwards.

    11. Game of Clones: a dating show where they ask a guy or girl what their type is and then they make eight people look exactly like that type – and then they date.

    Channel 4 / Via

    This is sort of baffling because surely the most important thing about dating is that you are yourself and are not a clone?

    12. Carjackers: a show where people steal their significant other's car and turn it into something else. (This woman turned her fiancé's car into a giant chicken nugget.)

    Electric Ray / E4 / Via

    My word.

    13. Just Tattoo of Us: Friends and family choose tattoos for each other, with the twist being that they can be "revenge tattoos" like this...

    Gobstopper TV / MTV

    Also, they don't get to find out what tattoo is until they stand in front of a mirror afterwards.

    14. Flockstars: a celebrity sheep-herding show, which featured the most goddamn ridiculous catchphrase.

    ITV / Liberty Bell Productions / Via

    The catchphrase: "It's time...TO RELEASE THE SHEEP."

    ITV /

    15. The Jump: a show where the climax consisted of celebrities going down a ski jump that looked 10cm high.

    Channel 4 / Via

    In one year seven people had to withdraw due to various injuries.

    16. Splash!: a celebrity diving show, starring Tom Daley, where minor celebrities jumped into a Luton.

    ITV / Via

    The most underwhelming dives were from 5 metres.

    17. Tipping Point: a game show where people drop coins into a machine in an attempt to make it push out more coins (like those 2p arcade games you get at the seaside).

    Zodiak Media / ITV

    The whole thing lasts an entire hour and it has been on ITV for years.

    18. Dogging Tales: a documentary about people who have sex in the woods, featuring some of them in masks.

    Channel 4

    This documentary is legendary and was the talking point of 2013.

    19. Celebrity Carry on Barging: Debbie McGee and other celebrities see if they can go down the Kennet and Avon Canal and successfully pass through 29 locks.

    Channel 5 / Spun Gold TV / Via

    If that doesn't whet your appetite it was immediately followed on Channel 5 by Cruising with Jane McDonald.

    20. Celebrity Sex Pod: where celebrities went into a room and asked a robot voice various questions about sex.

    Channel 5 / Crackit Productions / Via

    Educational yet awful. The weirdest thing was that all of the people in the show were celebrities – mostly ex-Big Brother contestants.

    21. I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse: a reality show where members of the public pretended to escape from zombies (which is weird, because zombies don't exist).

    BBC / Tiger Aspect / Via

    So they had to keep pretending that they were going to die. Quite strange.

    22. Flintoff: Lord of the Fries: Renowned British cricketer Andrew Flintoff travels round the UK selling fish and chips out of the back of a van for some reason.

    Sky One

    Apparently because fish and chips were becoming less of a thing.

    23. Trains with Pete Waterman: The record producer and talent show judge (who managed Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan) talks about his own railway locomotives.

    More 4

    24. Shaun Ryder on UFOs: The Happy Mondays singer claims that he saw a UFO while at a bus stop in Salford when he was 15. In this show he works out why.

    History Channel

    Danny Dyer did a documentary two years earlier on a similar subject.

    25. And of course, Geordie Shore.

    MTV / Via

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