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    "I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse" Is Just The Weirdest British Reality Show

    The concept doesn't really make any sense, and it's remarkable that they managed to pull it off in the first place. Warning: contains unsettling images of zombies.

    So there's a game show presented by Greg James in which people try to avoid getting eaten by zombies.

    I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse is on BBC Three on Sundays, and it's a mixture of Big Brother and Release the Hounds, the show in which members of the public run away from dogs.

    There's essentially a lot of this.

    Spoiler alert: zombies.

    Here's the backstory: The government has introduced a new 5G phone signal, but despite good speeds it accidentally mutates people's DNA.

    Newspapers such as The Radiograph and The Moon freak out because people are turning into zombies like this:

    These newspapers have nothing to do with The Telegraph and The Sun. NOTHING.

    We then meet contestants locking themselves into a shopping centre, awaiting to follow instructions from Greg James and the army so they can survive.

    Challenges include getting through very limited food rations, popping out to track down essential items to stay alive (such as bedding), and generally running away from zombies.

    However, the more you think about the format of the show, the more you realise it has some flaws.

    How can BBC Three afford to keep a shopping centre hostage by people pretending to be zombies for 24 hours a day, seven days straight?

    And for a show that is reality, why do all of the contestants do this when they leave the competition?

    Why do the contestants constantly act scared about a zombie threat, when zombies aren't real?

    During a challenge consisting of many dead bodies, why does a contestant act is if he is about to be sick? The zombies aren't real. / Via BBC / Tiger Aspect /

    These bodies aren't real, and they know that. It's all plastic and ketchup surely.

    And why do the contestants talk about the non-existent zombie apocalypse as if it is happening?

    Then again, the contestants might think that there really is an apocalypse, as some of the contestants aren't smart.

    Despite this, you should watch it because it's pretty mindless.

    I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse is on BBC Three on Sundays at 10pm. You can catch up with the first three episodes on iPlayer.