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    The Most WTF Moments Of Jon Snow Getting Massively Stoned On "Drugs Live"

    The Channel 4 newsreader was taking part in a documentary looking at the health effects of cannabis and whether the drug should be legalised.

    Newsreader Jon Snow, columnist Matthew Parris, and former royal correspondent Jennie Bond experimented with smoking skunk and hash in a Channel 4 show called Drugs Live.

    Drugs Live / Channel 4
    Drugs Live / Channel 4

    It was legal to televise because it was part of a trial being carried out by Professor Val Curran at University College London. Snow claimed the trial, which was aimed at working out what skunk and hash do to the brain, was a "world first".

    The show gathered much pre-broadcast publicity after Snow admitted that he responded badly to the drugs.

    He wrote on the Channel 4 News blog that his trial, which was prerecorded, led him to be "cascaded into a very, very, dark place, the darkest mental place I have ever been. I was frightened, paranoid, and felt physically and mentally wrapped in a dense blanket of fog."

    1. Twenty minutes after first smoking skunk, he admitted he was "feeling woolly", even though he had only had a third of a joint.

    "I feel slightly separated from myself," he said. "I suppose that I'm a bit anxious about not being in control, absolute control. I am not in control."

    2. He was then made to wear these glasses, and it looked like he wasn't particularly having a good time.

    Channel 4 / Dugs 4

    3. He was then put in an MRI scanner, but five minutes later said he wanted to come out.

    Channel 4 / Drugs Live
    Channel 4 / Drugs Live

    4. He then hugged the researcher.

    Channel 4 / Drugs Live

    5. At the time he also considered himself to be a failure.

    Channel 4 / Drugs Live

    He decided to continue with the experiment, but would not go back into the MRI scanner.

    6. His next task was to name as many cannabis-related words as he could in one minute. He said this:

    Channel 4 / Drugs Live

    7. His overall reaction to skunk? Not good.

    Channel 4 / Drugs Live

    "I never want to be subjected to that again. Never."

    Reaction to his experiment has been mixed.

    Today's study has shown that forcing your grandad to smoke weed then locking him in a metal tube will probably distress him. #drugslive

    Your bang out of order giving Jon that much man! Could have started him off slowly! So mean! Bless him! #DRUGSLIVE

    8. Neil Woods, a former undercover member of the drugs squad, also took part. He couldn't stop laughing during his trial.

    Drugs Live / Channel 4
    Drugs Live / Channel 4

    Each person who took part was given hash, skunk, or a placebo, all of which all smelled and tasted the same. They were then tested on their memory and cognition.

    Despite the name of the show, many of the experiments were prerecorded. But there was someone in the studio undergoing the trial live, and they interviewed him throughout.

    Dr Chris van Tulleken, a scientist and TV presenter, had been given either skunk or cannabis, but not the placebo.

    The show claimed that smoking skunk appeared to increase the need to listen to music by 53%, that hash impaired memory by 33%, and that skunk increased feelings of paranoia by 270%.

    The show had some odd moments, such as when Dr Christian Jessen said "Let's take a look at Jenny Bond's pleasure centres" while evaluating her MRI scans.

    Doctor Christan getting a little exited #drugslive

    And many mocked the proceedings on social media.

    I don't smoke cannabis so I've decided to turn my TV upside down instead. #DrugsLive

    Jon Snow has picked a hell of a tie to wear in front of someone doing weed. #drugslive

    Also, Professor Green wanted to be on the show for some reason.

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