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    23 Of The Goddamn Weirdest Things Said On "Naked Attraction"

    "You are literally in buttock heaven right now." Yes, NSFW.

    There's this British dating show called Naked Attraction, where people decide who to date by seeing their genitals first, then everything else. It's intense.

    The weird thing in this show is not just seeing genitals constantly (and trust me, there are a lot of genitals).

    1. No, the weirdest thing about this show is what is being said as we look at everyone's genitals. Like this:

    2. And this.

    3. When Mal was asked which person she did not want to date and the reason why.

    4. When DJ Darryl was talking about his preferences.

    5. And then there was this observation by Anna Richardson, the host of Naked Attraction.

    In fact here are some of the weirdest questions Richardson has asked the contestants on this show.

    6. "OK, so in terms of the vagina, how are you feeling?"

    7. "Have you ever been faced by six penises before?"

    8. "You think you've seen this penis before?"

    9. "Do you like vaginas?"

    10. "Could you work with this penis?"

    11. "What makes a good bum in your world?"

    12. "Have you got any disastrous pubic hair stories?"

    13. "Why have you got big old bush?"

    14. "Can we talk about the pubes?"

    15. "Hi Emily. Can I have a look at your bum?"

    16. Oh, and the weirdest Deal or No Deal question ever.

    17. And then there was when Darryl had to choose who to date while being naked in front of two girls who were also completely naked.

    18. This show is so damn strange.

    19. "She made her decision on my pubic hair and that's OK."

    20. "And he's Welsh."

    21. "It's not every day that you get to choose out of six naked men in a box, really."

    22. "What I'm taking away from this experience is that I saw a hot girl naked, which is a massive, massive victory for me."

    23. "Watch that tush leave, Dom, and be very, very sad."

    Naked Attraction continues on Channel 4 on Thursday at 10pm, and you can catch up on All 4.