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    19 Lines From "Geordie Shore" That Nobody Says In Real Life

    "We're having a radge time in Amsterdam. I've always wanted to come to Germany."

    1. When Holly opened up about British politics.

    2. When Vicky talked about Shakespeare.

    3. When they found out they were going to Mexico.

    4. When they were treated to a trip abroad.

    5. When Charlotte discovered pre-drinks.

    6. When Scotty discovered Dutch culture.

    7. And Dan was excited to go to the Czech Republic.

    8. When Holly was afraid to open up.

    9. When one of them broke their leg on holiday.

    10. When Scotty talked about being an army.

    11. When Charlotte talked about bean sprouts.

    12. When the men were trying to erect a tent.

    13. When Gaz was invited to the horseracing.

    14. When everyone dressed up for a night out.

    15. When the house had to compete in two teams.

    16. When Marnie felt left out because she never bonded with Charlotte's goldfish, Egg, before it died.

    17. When Charlotte was concerned about Prague weather.

    18. When Vicky came out with this literary prose.

    19. And Charlotte summed up Geordie Shore.