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    10 Feel-Good Celeb Stories From This Week That'll Brighten Your Day

    Get ready for some warm and fuzzy feels!

    1. Spider-Man's Tom Holland rescued a young fan from being crushed by autographers. He also promised to send her a photo after hearing that she didn't even get one during the debacle.

    @NamelessCass @TomHolland1996 I was there too I was crying because I was happy yet because I was scared. I never would have thought that people way older than me and bigger would be squashing me to the ground. I wasn’t able to get an autograph or a picture.

    2. Serena Williams made her first ever Wheaties debut, making her and fellow icon Althea Gibson only black woman tennis players featured on the famous cereal box.

    3. Stromzy became the first black British solo artist and second youngest solo act (after a 24-year-old David Bowie) to headline Glastonbury Festival. "I'm overwhelmed with emotions, this is the most surreal feeling I’ve ever experienced," he tweeted.

    4. The beloved TV series One Day At A Time was saved from cancellation thanks to the #SaveODAAT campaign.

    5. Meek Mill announced that he now co-owns the major hat and sportswear store Lids. The rapper said his label boss Jay-Z, hip hop's first billionaire artist, inspired him to invest in his future through ownership.

    6. MCU actor Anthony Mackie spoke about when and how he learned he'd be the next Captain America. "[The whole experience] was like winning the Oscar. I was nervous. I was excited. I was stumbling over words," he told Men's Health.

    7. The new cast members of The L Word: Generation Q, an upcoming L Word reboot, were announced.

    8. Jake Gyllenhaal showed the world that he just might be Sean Paul's biggest fan. During a radio interview, he shut down a listener who said the dancehall superstar was "massively overrated" and launched into a 1:55 minute counterpoint.

    jake gyllenhaal expressing his love for sean paul for 1 minute and 55 seconds

    9. Little and Blackish actor Marsai Martin became a hilarious meme yet AGAIN, thanks to her very ~expressive~ reaction upon winning BET's YoungStars Award.

    10. And Shawn Mendes revealed at a fan Q&A that he still has a major crush on Emma Watson.