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    Oops, She Did It Again! Marsai Martin's Latest Viral Meme Has Twitter Cracking Up

    Thank you for giving us the content we deserve, Marsai!

    Last night, Marsai Martin took home the Young Stars Award at the 2019 BET Awards, which makes perfect sense, because she's a POWERHOUSE!

    Not only is she a part of the award-winning cast, Black-ish, but the 14-year-old also executive produced, starred in, and came up with the idea for the 2019 fantasy-comedy, Little. She's the youngest person in Hollywood to hold an executive producer title.

    Well, when Marsai heard she'd won the award, her initial shock took over her body...

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    ...and now that earnest reaction has turned into the internet's latest viral meme. This isn't the first time she's been memed and it probably won't be the last.

    Here are some of the funniest responses to her meme:


    Me when i saw Rihanna #BETAwards2019 #BETAwards19


    When the ice cream machine works at McDonald’s and they got the order right with no attitude #BETAwards19


    Ella Mai: "Let the music do the towking" Jacquees: #BETAwards


    When your hand down but the teacher calls on you to answer a quiestion on the board


    When God opens a door you didn’t think you were qualified for


    When you thought your account had $7.28... & you check it and see $149.61 ‼️🤧😂 #BETAwards19


    Me standing up out my bed when Tyler Perry said his studio lot is now owned by ONE negro #BETAwards2019 #BETAwards19 #BETawards #Blacktwitter


    BET had a BIG budget this year ok!! #BETAwards19


    When he invites you over before 11pm #BETAwards


    When he introduces you as his “girl” in front of his friends.🤣🤣


    When I hear “I just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100% that Bitch”



    when you look in the mirror and see you’re gettin thick


    When you send a paragraph to a nigga and he responds to the whole thing and not just the one part he choose to read.


    *Picks Up Phone* Him: Wya?!!! Me: At My Momma House Him: So You Ain't At The Club With Yo Hoe Ass friend's Me : No! Him: TURN LEFT!!!!


    When God hooks you up with an unexpected blessing


    Doctor: “Are you sexually active” Me: “Yes” Mom:


    me : what you want to eat tonight? Him :you Me:


    when your teacher compliments you at parent/teacher conference night 🏅


    when you send a risky text and she reply with “pull up then”


    3rd grade me when the intercom buzzes the classroom to say i’m going home early