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    Billionaire Jay-Z Inspired Rapper Meek Mill To Invest, And Now He Co-Owns Lids

    "I'm trying to get ownership in a lot of things to where I can still live comfortable the way I was living in my prime years as a rapper."

    Here we have Meek Mill, a rap legend in the making, a committed criminal justice reform activist, and, more recently...

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    ...a corporate co-owner of Lids, aka the athletic hat store that's basically in every American mall!!! The 32-year-old announced the major news in an exclusive interview with Business Insider.

    "I've been shopping at Lids my whole life, wearing hats, fitteds, of course, fitted hats and caps, all types of hats," he said. "In our culture, it's been a big thing. So, it was something I ain't have to think twice about and always believed in."

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    Referring to 2019 as his "boss year," the star explained how this venture fits into his long-term plans of building a strong financial foundation and future: "I'm trying to get ownership in a lot of things to where I can still live comfortable the way I was living in my prime years as a rapper."

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    He also plans on folding more hip hop culture into the retailer's overall creative direction. "I would definitely love to involve our whole culture in Lids more," Meek told Business Insider. "Because, first thing we do in merchandise in hip-hop, we sell hats, we sell all types of things."

    And you know who motivated Meek to put on his ~business boss hat~? Hip hop's first billionaire rapper, Jay-Z.

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    "He built businesses, and he built things that made him become the man who he is, that we could call a billionaire guy," Meek said. "He built that, and I watched that, and I studied that. That's why I'm working the way I'm working now to build a foundation for myself too."

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    Meek's actually been signed to Jay-Z's label Roc Nation since 2012, so he's had plenty of time to study the Brooklyn-born mogul's moves up close. "He's just a different type of guy," Meek explained. "He's about his business. He's never late, he's on point. He's checking on his business every chance he gets."

    As for what's next, there's Free Meek, an upcoming Amazon docu-series that'll explore the Philly rapper's controversial 2017 arrest for probation violations, and the allegations of police corruption and racism surrounding his arrest at 18.

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    As Amazon describes: "This intimate documentary series chronicles Meek Mill's transformation from chart-topping rapper to galvanizing face of criminal justice reform. As Meek, his family and his legal team fight for his freedom, cameras capture the birth of the #FREEMEEK movement and re-investigate a case filled with allegations of dirty cops and systemic corruption in a broken judicial system."

    As a wise man named Robert Rihmeek Williams once said, "If you want it you gotta see it with a clear-eyed view." CONGRATS TO A REAL ONE!!!

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    Check out Free Meek on August 9 and read the full exclusive Business Insider interview here.

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