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    "One Day At A Time" Was Just Saved From Cancellation, And The Cast Is Rightfully Freaking Out

    Dale, PopTV, Dale!

    It's official! After being cancelled by Netflix earlier this year, One Day At A Time has been revived by PopTV.

    Netflix / PopTV

    The small channel, which is home to Schitt's Creek in the US, will begin airing new episodes of One Day At A Time in 2020.


    After a strong #SaveODAAT campaign by fans, the actors, and creative team, we can finally rejoice that we don't have to say goodbye to the Alvarez family after all.

    Netflix / PopTV

    Shortly after the news broke, the cast, creative team, and celebrity fans of the show are just as excited as you:

    Creator Gloria Calderón Kellett says that she can't wait to share more stories with fans:

    WE'RE BACK! Thanks to every fan who made #saveodaat trend worldwide, ONE DAY AT A TIME is heading to POP TV & we couldn't be more excited! We have many more stories to tell about & we can't wait to share them with you! Thank you @sptv & @PopTV! #moreodaat

    Twitter: @everythingloria / Via Twitter: @everythingloria

    Isabella Gomez, who plays Elena, literally couldn't believe the show was saved:

    Our queen Rita Moreno said #SaveODAAT is totally old news now:

    #SAVEODAAT is old news...#MoreODAAT is more like it!! Thank you @PopTV #ODAAT @OneDayAtATime we're backkkk!!

    Twitter: @TheRitaMoreno / Via Twitter: @TheRitaMoreno

    Norman Lear said that he's glad he continues to work with his family:

    Todd Grinnell, who plays Schneider, thanked everyone "who tweeted and posted and shouted from the rooftops":

    Stephen Tobolowsky, who plays Dr. Leslie Berkowitz, can't believe that miracles do happen:

    And they say miracles don’t happen. From what I know ... it took a village. A lot of us who work on this show and love it. And all of you who have loved this show and MADE IT HAPPEN.

    Twitter: @Tobolowsky / Via Twitter: @Tobolowsky

    Lin-Manuel Miranda, who championed for the show to be saved, was thrilled:

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @everythingloria let’s GOOOOOOO @TheNormanLear let’s GOOOOOO Save ODAAT: ☑️ YOU DID IT

    Twitter: @Lin_Manuel / Via Twitter: @Lin_Manuel

    And, I think Stephanie Beatriz, who guest starred last season, sums up all our feelings the best:

    Instagram: @stephaniebeatriz

    Basically, if you need me I'll be dancing around and praising the TV gods that this is happening.

    Netflix / PopTV

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