"One Day At A Time" Was Just Saved From Cancellation, And The Cast Is Rightfully Freaking Out

    Dale, PopTV, Dale!

    It's official! After being cancelled by Netflix earlier this year, One Day At A Time has been revived by PopTV.

    The small channel, which is home to Schitt's Creek in the US, will begin airing new episodes of One Day At A Time in 2020.

    After a strong #SaveODAAT campaign by fans, the actors, and creative team, we can finally rejoice that we don't have to say goodbye to the Alvarez family after all.

    Shortly after the news broke, the cast, creative team, and celebrity fans of the show are just as excited as you:

    Creator Gloria Calderón Kellett says that she can't wait to share more stories with fans:

    WE'RE BACK! Thanks to every fan who made #saveodaat trend worldwide, ONE DAY AT A TIME is heading to POP TV & we couldn't be more excited! We have many more stories to tell about & we can't wait to share them with you! Thank you @sptv & @PopTV! #moreodaat https://t.co/4grfsn9RA3

    Twitter: @everythingloria / Via Twitter: @everythingloria

    Isabella Gomez, who plays Elena, literally couldn't believe the show was saved:

    Our queen Rita Moreno said #SaveODAAT is totally old news now:

    #SAVEODAAT is old news...#MoreODAAT is more like it!! Thank you @PopTV #ODAAT @OneDayAtATime we're backkkk!!

    Twitter: @TheRitaMoreno / Via Twitter: @TheRitaMoreno

    Norman Lear said that he's glad he continues to work with his family:

    Todd Grinnell, who plays Schneider, thanked everyone "who tweeted and posted and shouted from the rooftops":

    Stephen Tobolowsky, who plays Dr. Leslie Berkowitz, can't believe that miracles do happen:

    And they say miracles don’t happen. From what I know ... it took a village. A lot of us who work on this show and love it. And all of you who have loved this show and MADE IT HAPPEN.

    Twitter: @Tobolowsky / Via Twitter: @Tobolowsky

    Lin-Manuel Miranda, who championed for the show to be saved, was thrilled:

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @everythingloria let’s GOOOOOOO @TheNormanLear let’s GOOOOOO Save ODAAT: ☑️ YOU DID IT https://t.co/33Ep4S0rV8

    Twitter: @Lin_Manuel / Via Twitter: @Lin_Manuel

    And, I think Stephanie Beatriz, who guest starred last season, sums up all our feelings the best:

    Basically, if you need me I'll be dancing around and praising the TV gods that this is happening.