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    Shawn Mendes Said He "Loves Emma Watson" And I've Never Smiled So Fast In My Life

    Someone grab a bottle of Amortentia, STAT!

    During a tour stop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, earlier this week, Shawn Mendes held a Q&A with some of his biggest fans at Fiserv Forum.

    Randy Shropshire / Getty Images

    He talked about everything from his thoughts on cancel culture to his favorite thing about Camila Cabello.

    🎥 | ShawnAccess via IG stories! #ShawnMendesTheTourMilwaukee • June 25, 2019

    And during the intimate chat, one fan wanted to know which celebrity he's crushing on right now.


    Being the humble hottie that he is, the 20-year-old singer-songwriter gave the sweetest answer.

    Fan: "Who's your celebrity crush?" Shawn: "I really just do love Emma Watson still! I'll tell her that!"

    "Umm...I love, hmmm — I really just do love Emma Watson still and I'd tell her that."

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

    "When I met her, I was really embarrassed..." Shawn began to reminisce about his initial meeting with her, but the video cuts short.

    Vaughn Ridley / Getty Images

    But if you notice, Shawn said he "STILL" loves Emma Watson. That's because back in 2016 he professed his love to her via Twitter.

    So pure. So cute.


    HOW CAN WE MAKE THIS HAPPEN?!!? If not a romantic relationship, then a friendship...PLZZZZZ!!

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