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    Attention Queers: These Are The New Cast Members Of "The L Word: Generation Q"

    Welcome to the show.

    Halle-freakin'-lujah!!!!! The L Word is coming back this fall after too many Shane-less years.

    It's now called, The L Word: Generation Q and today we've been blessed with the faces of the new cast members.

    Here are the newbies:

    This is Jacqueline Toboni, who's playing Sarah Finley, an assistant of some sort.

    This is Leo Sheng, who will be playing Micah Lee, a professor.

    This is Arienne Mandi, who is playing Dani Nùñez, a PR executive.

    Anddd this is Rosanny Zayas, who's playing Sophie Suarez, a TV producer.

    Very much looking forward to seeing how the chart has grown with these new people.

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