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    38 Products Our Readers Actually Swear By, So You Probably Will, Too

    Stuff you probably won't want to miss.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the best products they bought from our Shopping posts (plus saved up their recs from the comments on other posts) — here's what they actually swear by!

    1. A pair of heart-shaped cat-eye sunglasses because nothing else in the world can instantly elevate basically any outfit (and therefore every Insta Story you post) to playfully glamorous.

    "I forgot which post it was but it had these heart-shaped glasses from Amazon, best purchase ever. I wear them all the time get compliments on them and they honestly make an appearance on a lot of my Instagram posts!"

    christineh491a2795d, from when we asked the BuzzFeed Community for the best products they found in our posts (At the time I wrote that post, though, the sunglasses were sold out!)

    Get a pair on Amazon for $7.59+ (available in four colors).

    2. A squeegee broom so you can extract years worth of built-up, embedded pet hair from your carpet and rugs (the kind that even your pet vacuum somehow doesn't touch) *and* easily sweep up the scattered bits from your hardwood or tile floors., Amazon

    "I bought the squeegee broom and it did wonders for getting hair (both mine and my cats) out of the carpet, carpet looks great now!" —socks1234, from this roundup of hall of fame products

    It features rubber bristles along one edge, and if you flip it, a wide rubber squeegee on the other — some reviewers find the squeegee side is more effective on carpet than the bristles, so could be worth a try! Oh, and the handle telescopes 36–60 inches, so you can store it easily but also like, use it to squeegee off high windows if necessary.

    Get it from Amazon for $13.33.

    3. An anti-residue clarifying shampoo because your regular shampoo and conditioner is causing all sorts of gradual buildup, and this will get all of that gunk out once a month. That means your hair can actually feel as soft as the commercials promise it will.


    "I've personally tried #11 and that stuff is really good at clarifying. I've used it after events that I got my hair styled for and it gets out all the hairspray. I've also been using it to tone down my old color (by recommendation of my stylist) ahead of my next appointment and it's helped! I follow up with a good deep conditioner. (Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is AMAZING!) I only use it like one or two times a week and any in-between washing, I use my regular shampoo and conditioner." —yourradimrad, from this roundup of best-selling products

    Oh and if you're blonde but you suffer from green-tinted hair pretty much every time you get out of the pool (y'know, in the summer!) supposedly this will help take it allll out (and remove the chlorine smell from all hair colors).

    Get it from Amazon for $5.28.

    4. Or Fanola Purple Shampoo, which works wonders to give your dyed-blond hair that platinum shine week after week without a pricey visit to the colorist.

    "The Fanola no yellow shampoo is AMAZING! I live in the country with very hard well water and within one month of getting it done, my hair was a brassy mess. Two washes with the shampoo and it looks even brighter than when it was freshly done! I didn't find it drying when used with the Fanola Restructuring conditioner." —lizizcool, from cheap solutions to expensive problems

    "My results weren't quite as dramatic as the photos, but it's still by far the best purple shampoo I've ever used. It's so powerful that it'll even turn my fingers purple if I don't wash it off quickly! Love it and totally worth the price!"


    You just leave it on for one to three minutes (any longer and it can dye your hair lavender! Which is also cool, you do you) once a week. And if you want to avoid staining your nails, remember to wear gloves when you do it!

    Get it on Amazon for $13.99+ (available in two sizes).

    5. A pack of hydrocolloid acne patches to suck out a bunch of the gunk lurking in your zits until they basically vanish, or at least have been somewhat diminished.

    "Those little acne patches are no joke. Even on the rare occasion that they don’t get all the gunk out, they help immensely by reducing redness and swelling and generally making the pesky zit much less angry. I’ll feel one coming on at night, slap one on, and the lil bugger is tamed by morning!" —margaritaluv, from this roundup of hall of fame products

    FYI, hydrocolloid patches work best on acne filled with pus (aka whiteheads), and not necessarily so well on that deep-set hormonal acne.

    Get it on Amazon: a pack of 36 patches for $12.50 or 72 patches for $20.89.

    6. A button up dress that's so sharp people you encounter will probably think it's designer. (Not to worry, your secret's safe with me.),

    "Number 7 really is awesome I own it, it's true to size (I wear a 10 in Banana Republic, and bought a 10). It says it's 3/4 sleeves, and I'm 5'11", it's 3/4 sleeve on me, so will probably be long sleeve on you (depending on your height)." —ashleighp4ce2cb1ef, from this roundup of fall dresses from Amazon

    Get it from Amazon for $34.98+ (available in sizes 2–14 and in 44 styles).

    7. An earwax removal kit so you can clear up your muffled hearing in less than ten minutes (who knew everything had such crystal-clear sound??), no need to swipe your credit card for the copay at your doctor's office.


    "I just got the Debrox based on this article and got a clump of wax that had been blocking my hearing for weeks. It's only a dollar more for the version with a bill syringe in it, so don't buy one separate (you can use a baby one if you already have it)." —stephaniesm, from products that basically pay for themselves

    The kit comes with removal drops and an ear syringe. Not to dissuade you from going to the doc of course; if you have major wax impaction or some other mystery thing stuck in your ear, then please do go! But if you're like me and just know this happens to you every once in a while, it totally does work — I use these drops then rinse with a bulb every few months when my hearing's slightly muffled by wax, and it's always cleared everything out.

    Get a pack with both pieces from Amazon for $5.60.

    8. Some Olly restful sleep gummies because they pack melatonin, l-thenanine, chamomile, and lemon balm (which, with their combined powers, can help boost your natural sleep hormones and help you feel relaxed) into a tasty piece of candy. It's perfect for those nights when you need just a little extra help on your way to dreamland.

    @ollynutrition /

    "I love those Olly gummies. I only chew one and it's just enough to help me fall asleep. I will chew two if I'm having anxiety issues and I'm always amazed by how well they work. And they taste amazing." —kshepp10, from this sleep problem-solving products roundup

    "I used the Olly’s Sleep Gummies for the first time when I was visiting NYC. I wanted a sleep aid to help me fall asleep with all the background noise in the city. They work incredibly well!" —betherick85, from travel products flight attendants swear by

    BTW, some Amazon reviewers report their gummies arriving melted, so if you live somewhere hot, consider finding these at a local store, instead.

    Get a jar of 50 gummies from Amazon for $12.42 (also available in two larger sizes).

    Learn more about the link between melatonin and sleep at the National Sleep Foundation.

    9. A pair of workout leggings made from recycled plastic so your exercise regimen can be good for you *and* help the planet. They come in a VERY wide range of sizes, and this reader says they've owned their first pair for three years — and they're still practically perfect in every way.

    Girlfriend Collective

    "I got a pair of those leggings a couple of years ago on a whim when they did a promo on Facebook where you only pay shipping. Three years later and they are without a doubt the best leggings I have. I bought a new pair just so I could have two since I love working out in them. They breathe just fine so you don't overheat but you can still wear them in the cold (above freezing, they're not thermal). They're high waisted (at least the ones I ordered are), they don't slip down and they don't stretch out, you can definitely rewear them before washing. My older ones have actually gotten better as the years have gone by. Also, they come in a ton of different sizes so people of all shapes can enjoy them.

    TL;DR these are, in my opinion, the best leggings on the market." —akerkhoff, from products made from recycled plastic and paper

    It's made from 79% rPET (recycled PET, or #1, plastic; in this case, it's water bottles collected and processed in Taiwan). These are a good candidate for the Guppyfriend Washing Bag, which helps catch microplastics before they get rinsed out in your wastewater.

    Get them from Girlfriend Collective for $68 (available in sizes XXS–6XL, two inseam lengths, six regular colors, and 18 seasonal colors).

    10. A lightweight and compact portable charger because if your phone's an essential in your everyday life, it's especially important when you travel — between providing entertainment, helping you find a good restaurant to try, and guiding you from A to B — and this will keep your battery out of the red wherever you happen to be.


    :I second the power bank! I bought one for a trip to Disneyland that kept both mine and my husband’s phones charged through the whole day, and he recently bought another as backup power for his video camera. They’re really amazing and hold sooooo much charge!" —ericag476c06e05, from travel products flight attendants swear by

    This one holds about three and a half iPhone 8 charges and two and a half Galaxy S8 charges and comes with a micro USB cable (to charge the charger) and a travel pouch.

    Get it on Amazon for $25.99+ (available in four colors).

    11. Some caffeinated mints for Goldilocks-perfect perk-ups: each mint contains 40mg of caffeine, so you can stick with just one for a smaller boost, enjoy two for a cup of coffee–like effect, or up it to three for a serious jolt! And since they're MINTS, they'll leave you with the opposite of coffee breath.

    "The caffeinated mints! I can’t live without them now." —HannahLollol, from this roundup of products people found in our posts and loved

    "Yes! I love them." —blaker40c566b26, in reply to HannahLollol's comment

    They're sugar- (and aspartame-) free, zero calories, and contain a B vitamin complex that could help give you even more energy. And of course are vegan and gluten-, wheat-, and dairy-free.

    Get one pack of 20 mints from Amazon for $4.99 or six packs for $19.99 (available in five flavors).

    12. A bug bite suction tool that lets you gently extract at least some of the pesky venom that makes the bite itch, so even if the bite doesn't go away completely, you don't feel such an urge to scratch.

    @bugbitething /,

    "The bug bite tool is AWESOME!!" —PinkTurtle, from a roundup of things people bought from our posts and loved

    Bek, an editor here at BuzzFeed, owns one of these and notes that while it doesn't completely get rid of your bites, it does put a halt to the itching. It works with mosquitoes, bees, wasps, biting flies, no-see-ums, chiggers, and sea lice! Note that some reviewers say the suction can be really strong, so try to use it gently; and the company doesn't recommend using it on your neck or face, because it can cause bruising there. (Read the full directions before using it!)

    Get them on Amazon: one for $9.93, a pack of two for $18.95 or a pack of three for $24.95.

    13. A pack of LED dimming sheets — your computer charger, internet router, and other electronics in your bedroom (or wherever) have exactly zero business keeping you awake (or even just annoying you) with their overly bright lights.


    "I thought I would take a shot on these blackout stickers since they weren't that expensive. I was SO delighted with my purchase! I couldn't have imagined.

    I keep a fan on when I sleep — it has a row of lights that no longer bother me. My power strip for charging my phone/tablet/watch/headphones — completely dark. Every penny of this purchase I consider well spent, and I literally only did two things with it. Cannot recommend enough!"


    "I bought them based on one of these reviews and absolutely love them. I haven't had any issues with them not sticking." —sitkal, from this sleep problem-solving products roundup

    These dim 50–80% of the light, so the rest of the day you still know that everything's working the way it's supposed to! Although if you prefer, you can double 'em to block even more light, or go for the ~blackout edition~. They're completely removable and leave no residue behind, too!

    Get a sheet of over 100 stickers in different shapes and sizes on Amazon for $4.29. If you have a big clock face you'd like to dim, also check out a similar product that you cut to size, $8.29 for two six by three inch–sheets.

    14. A can of Barkeeper's Friend powder cleanser to scrub off some of the most impossible stains you thought would never come up, because you've tried to tackle 'em with hardcore elbow grease to no avail. Just add a sprinkle of this stuff to your scrubbing and prepare to be amazed!

    "Barkeeper's Friend is the real deal!" —b492e17612, from a roundup of things people bought from our posts and loved

    It's bleach-free, but can remove rust, tarnish, mineral deposits, and tough stains from all kinds of surfaces, like stainless steel (those pans you accidentally scorched!), porcelain, ceramic, copper alloys, fiberglass, corian, brass, bronze, chrome, and aluminum. That means it cleans all kinds of things in your kitchen (the grimy stovetop! The yucky sink!) PLUS basically everything in your bathroom: sinks, bathtubs, showers, faucets, toilets, tile, and grout.

    Get it from Amazon for $6.92.

    15. Lovepop pop-up cards that don't just say just the right thing — they're basically a little gift in and of themselves, and perfect for birthdays, holidays, or even just because.,

    "I didn’t know the Lovepop cards were on Shark Tank! I have bought my mom one for Mother’s Day the past two years. They are so beautiful, and she keeps them popped open on a shelf. I’ll be buying more!" —katit3, from this roundup of Shark Tank Products

    "The Lovepop cards are kind of my fiancé's signature card. He orders one any time he has a special occasion to mark. They are always so beautiful and pretty and delicate and intricate that they automatically make you feel special. Something that a dollar store card will never accomplish. It's not the money it's the art." —thedistancetohere222, from the same Shark Tank roundup

    Get the Cherry Blossom card for $13, the T-Rex card for $15, and browse Lovepop's full card selection, all on Amazon.

    16. A knitted bodycon dress because it's basically the perfect balance between feeling cozy and looking stylish: reviewers say it has ideal amount of stretch but still accentuates your waist ~just so~.,

    "I have number 8; I bought it in an XL (I’m usually a 14/16) and it fits great!! Everybody’s always surprised when I say I got it on Amazon. The elastic in the sleeves broke tho so just be careful — but I like it like that because it’s almost like bell sleeves now." —shaynep445f89de7, from this roundup of fall dresses from Amazon

    Get it from Amazon for $20.99+ (available in sizes S–XL and in 18 colors).

    17. The Paint Brush Cover, which is exactly what it sounds like: snap it over your still-wet brushes and rollers while you let coats dry overnight, and come back the next day to simply pick 'em back up and keep going. No wash-up required.

    The Paint Brush Cover

    "I swear by the Paint Brush Cover. I work as a painter and it makes clean up so much easier. I just put my brush or roller in a cover and I'm done. I have five brush covers and three or four roller covers." —juliew21, from this roundup of Shark Tank Products

    Get them from Amazon: $3.48 for one that fits 1/2"–3" brushes or $5.48 for one that fits rollers.

    18. A pack of colorful pens made of 89% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, so you can bullet journal, take notes, and doodle all you want knowing you gave what would have otherwise been single-use plastics a better, second life.,

    "I stupid love those recycled pens. They write so well! Pilot knows what’s up." —nicolep8, from a roundup of products that replace disposable plastic

    PLUS you can easily buy refills for them instead of buying new pens every time one runs out. (Or just recycle the pens again without the ink).

    Get the pack of five colors for $8.74 (also available in two, three, and four packs, but the 5-pack's the best value). And if colors aren't your thing, check out a dozen box of these pens with black, blue, or red ink for $12.54, both on Amazon.

    19. Kodiak Cakes, a whole-grain, protein-packed pancake and waffle mix that you can use in all sorts of recipes as a delicious substitute for white flour.

    "I had no idea Kodiak Cakes were on Shark Tank! It’s been my go to for pancakes for awhile now." —caseye4ac848818, from this roundup of Shark Tank Products

    "I came down to say the same thing. Great product!" —l43e063214, in reply to caseye4ac848818's comment

    Last Christmas my family bought a few boxes of their buttermilk mix to make pancakes with, and they were genuinely really delicious! I've had them every once in a while since then, too, and enjoy them every time. They definitely keep me full for longer than regular pancakes do (thanks to the 14g of protein they pack per serving, 21g if you make 'em with milk and eggs, which I recommend anyway, for the texture).

    Get three boxes of the flapjack mix on Amazon for $16.50.

    20. Contigo vacuum-sealed travel mugs because they keep drinks hot for up to seven hours(!!) and cold for up to eighteen (EIGHTEEN!!) all while being completely leak-proof so you never end up with coffee accidentally splattered down the front of your clothes first thing in the morning.

    "The Contigo cup is fantastic. I don’t have that exact one but it is absolutely safe in my bag, and keeps my drinks very hot for hours." —alexofwonders, from a roundup of products that replace disposable plastic

    "I have three Contigo travel mugs and I absolutely love them! I use them for taking coffee with me to school everyday. I typically pour my coffee at around 7:15 in the morning and it was still hot enough to burn away my tastebuds by 9 when my early bird class is over! If I still have coffee by lunch at 12:30, it's still warm enough to drink even if you are one of those people who won't touch their coffee after it gets cold. The only downside to the Contigo mugs is that they are not dishwasher safe. I'd 100% recommend unless you don't want to handwash your mug everyday, to which I'd say just get more than one and problem solved!" —emilyefournier, from this roundup of products under $25 readers swear by

    Get them from Amazon: one with a manual snap seal for $8.99+ (available in six colors) or one that opens and closes with a button (for one-handed drinking!) for $12.99+ (available in nine colors).

    21. A set of five super durable and washable grocery totes that fold (or, tbh, stuff) into a handy little square. Besides saving the environment (by using less plastic or paper), they hold SO much you'll make significantly fewer trips between your car and your kitchen!,

    "I can attest to the bags and I even have a review on Amazon for it! I didn't get them for environment reasons, I just really got tired of having a home full of plastic bags. They're awesome! They hold so much, are very strong and easy to clean and pack away, and I attached them to a carabiner in my car so I always have them on hand for spur of the moment shopping trips." —muddgurl, from a roundup of products that replace disposable plastic

    If you don't have a collection of bags you love already, that is!

    Get a set of five on Amazon for $13.99 (six color options). Or if solid colors aren't really your jam, check out a set with flamingo, cactus, polka dot, and other prints for $14.55.

    22. An ice roller — you can use it to help relieve headaches or at the very least reduce puffiness. Just pop it in the freezer overnight and it'll be ready to, um, well, roll in the morning.,

    "I have that frozen face roller thing. It’s great for headaches and joint pain!" —tinat46286a138, from this roundup of products under $25 readers swear by

    Get it on Amazon for $15.99.

    23. A set of six wool dryer balls to replace single-use polyester dryer sheets once and for all, while still making sure your clothes are soft and (if you use essential oils) lightly scented.


    "Can’t endorse the dryer balls enough — they cut down on drying time and leave clothes with zero static. The best, a real game changer for laundry." —chimes320, from a roundup of products that replace disposable plastic

    They may or may not actually make your clothes dry faster, but they will help gently soften things and last for at least 1000 loads. You can add a few drops of essential oil to one or two per load for a light, pleasant scent. And theoretically, at the end of their life, you can compost them or recycle them with other fabrics, because they're wool.

    Get them on Amazon for $8.97 (and if you have mostly dark clothes, you can get six dark grey ones from that same listing for $12.98).

    24. The Comfy, a reversible blanket-slash-sweatshirt that's perfect for pretty much anyone who likes to lounge around under a blanket, but wishes the blanket followed them everywhere they went.


    "I have the Comfy and I can’t even begin to explain how much I love that thing. It’s absolutely enormous and the warmest and coziest thing I’ve ever owned. You can have my Comfy when you peel it off my cold dead body!!" —Allcreaturesgreatandsmall, from The Best Shark Tank Gifts

    It's designed to be big enough that it covers you up completely, if you tuck your feet under you on the couch, and of course it's machine washable and dryable.

    Get it on Amazon for $39.99+ (available in adult and kids, and in 16 colors/patterns).

    25. A countertop paint kit — it will completely overhaul that outdated Formica (and last for years), for a design show worthy–before and after that didn't require you to shell out wads of cash.


    "I used that countertop painting set. I definitely recommend it! If you do use it, a few tips:

    1. You can’t put things on your countertops for two weeks. Plan accordingly.

    2. Save some of the sealant and re-seal once a year. Otherwise, you’ll have to redo the entire thing." —solid8, from this roundup of ways to hide your home's eyesores

    It's a three-step paint process that goes right over your old countertops. It has automotive-grade durability and is made of safe water-based materials. One kit covers the typical kitchen's 35 square feet, or 16 running feet of standard two-foot-wide countertop.

    Get it on Amazon for $79.95 (available in four finishes, or in a "white diamond" finish for $70).

    26. A purse-sized jewelry cleaning pen, which you gently brush over your diamond, sapphire, emerald, and other precious-gem rings and for a sparkling clarity worthy of a professional cleaning.

    "A miracle worker!! It brings back the sparkle and shine of my gem stone jewelry. I had one white topaz ring I thought would never be clear again. I used this pen, quick and easy, and the stone is now clear and sparkly again!"


    All you have to do is twist to dispense a little of the liquid, brush it over your jewelry to make everything sparkle, then rinse your jewelry off. It works for stones, gold, and silver, but not pearls!

    Get it on Amazon for $8.78.

    27. A bottle of mold and mildew cleaner — it's made with a no-odor gel, which makes it stick to your tile grout and caulking so it can actually do its job while you go and do literally anything else besides scrubbing.


    "Honestly, the side of my bathtub had been black for the longest time because it simply was impossible to remove with other products that I've tried. I decided to try this product after seeing it a few times on BuzzFeed, never expecting it to work that well, but it honestly removed 99% of the mold and mildew. There was just a few black spots left, but I repeated the process a few days later and I swear my bathtub looks brand new. This product is MAGIC!"


    Get it on Amazon for $12.99.

    28. A pack of blotting tissues that are packed in an easy dispenser so you can toss them in your purse and go about your day, then pull one out to soak up any and all of the excess oil your skin insists on producing.,

    "I love this oil absorbing face blotting paper! They’re cheap, but work great — I only need to use one most times, maybe two if I’m especially oily so they also last a while. I’ve been using them religiously since then."


    I bought these exact ones and y'all, they totally live up to the 1,446 positive reviews — they stay nice and neat in your bag, soak up a bunch of oil quickly, and because they come with over 100 to a pack for so cheap, you don't find yourself rationing them.

    Get a pack on Amazon for $6.95.

    29. A wire-free bra with laces so you can adjust the fit depending your preferences and needs.

    "I stumbled upon a review for this bra in one of your posts, immediately headed to Amazon to check it out for myself, and omg I had to immediately order one because for the price, why not right?! Well it came in and I loved it so much I had to order more. No more over paying for the bombshells from Victoria’s Secret, these bras are hands down way better and also only a fraction of the cost! I cannot say enough good things about them. I absolutely love them!"


    Get it on Amazon for $18.99+ (available in sizes 32A–38C and nine colors).

    30. Two cult-favorite acne products: Aztec Secret Bentonite Clay Mask for cleansing your pores and helping banish your acne bit by bit, and Thayer's Witch Hazel Toner made with rose petal water and vitamin E for taming your skin's redness and breakouts.,

    "Thayers Witch Hazel and Aztec Healing Clay have transformed my 20 years of acne-prone skin in the best way! ✨"


    You can mix the Aztec Clay Mask with either apple cider vinegar or water, spread it on your face, and let it dry before rinsing it off. You'd use maybe once a week or so! Get a jar on Amazon for $12.95.

    And you'd apply the Thayer's Witch Hazel Toner once or twice daily, right after washing your face. Get a bottle on Amazon for $8.

    31. A fabric shaver — you shouldn't throw out a sweater, throw, pillow, chair, or any other piece of fabric just because it's started to pill! This easily pinches off those pesky little buggers to make your fabrics look brand new.

    "That sweater shaver depiller thing is life changing. I got one for myself, then gave one to my mom, then started just giving them to everyone in my life. Everyone is like “ok weird, thanks I guess?” at first but once they use it they’re hooked."


    Get one on Amazon for $14.99.

    32. An argan oil hair mask to help pump hydration into your color-treated or dried-out hair, leaving it smooth, shiny, and soft. If you love your hot tools or trying a new color a little more often than you should, this could help nourish and restore your strands.,

    "The Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask! I’ve been using this product once a week for the past year, it’s my absolute that I have seen on a Buzzfeed post! After seeing it and checking out the 6,500 positive reviews on Amazon, I had to try it out for myself. Because I’ve been dying my hair since the age of 12, my hair has been extremely dry and dead. After I came across this product almost a year ago, my hair has looked like something out of a shampoo commercial!"


    Get it from Amazon for $12.95.

    33. The Squatty Potty toilet stool (yup!) because it really does align everything in a natural way to make pooping easier and faster.


    "Life-changing!" —heatherf42c9e7a7e

    We know it makes a difference because several BuzzFeeders own and love these — read one person's review.

    Get them from Amazon: the seven-inch high stool (for new squatters) or the nine-inch-high stool (for ~advanced~ squatters) for $24.99.

    They also make a bamboo "flip" version that toggles between seven and nine inches for $39.99, or the seven-inch clear acrylic version for $79.99!

    34. A pack of fizzing cleaning tablets — you drop them into almost any seemingly-permanently-stained travel mug, slow cooker, or stainless water bottle to banish those stains without scrubbing even one little bit.

    "Bottle Bright tablets. Cleaned all my stained travel mugs, and now my coffee and teas taste good again!"


    Get a box of 12 tablets on Amazon for $8.

    35. A pair of mirrored glasses that let you comfortably lay down AND keep reading that book you can't get enough of (or just binge-watch the show on the TV across the room). Hey, there's nothing wrong with indulging your inner lazy person once in a while.


    "Mirrored reading glasses so you can lay down and read!"


    Get them on Amazon for $12.99.

    36. A post-waxing, post-shaving skin solution formulated to reduce the appearance of razor bumps and redness. All you do is apply a very thin layer to your dry skin once a day (then top with gentle moisturizer, if you'd like) and it will work its magic.

    "Tend Skin solution. It really reduces razor burn."


    A little goes a long way here, and consistent, daily use is key if you want to see the effects!

    Get it on Amazon: a 4oz bottle for $14.74 or an 8oz bottle for $21.99.

    37. An RFID-blocking travel wallet because it can fit everything your regular wallet can PLUS your passport, any physical tickets, and even your phone (if it's not toooo big). That means everything will be in one place, so you don't have to rummage around for anything when you need it ~this minute~!

    "Definitely the RFID-blocking travel passport wallet by Zoppen! It has made traveling so much easier and I always feel more organized. :)"


    Get it on Amazon for $13.99 (available in 34 colors).

    38. A truly adorable Narwhal coffee mug because while practical products bring lots of joy, sometimes incredibly adorable ones can make you even happier.


    "I got the narwhal coffee mug from Amazon for Christmas and I LOVE it! I drink out of it almost every morning! And it’s even cuter in real life!"


    Get it on Amazon for $14.99 (also available in pink, or in two colors as a unicorn).

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    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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