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    38 Products Our Readers Actually Swear By, So You Probably Will, Too

    Stuff you probably won't want to miss.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the best products they bought from our Shopping posts (plus saved up their recs from the comments on other posts) — here's what they actually swear by!

    1. A pair of heart-shaped cat-eye sunglasses because nothing else in the world can instantly elevate basically any outfit (and therefore every Insta Story you post) to playfully glamorous.

    2. A squeegee broom so you can extract years worth of built-up, embedded pet hair from your carpet and rugs (the kind that even your pet vacuum somehow doesn't touch) *and* easily sweep up the scattered bits from your hardwood or tile floors.

    3. An anti-residue clarifying shampoo because your regular shampoo and conditioner is causing all sorts of gradual buildup, and this will get all of that gunk out once a month. That means your hair can actually feel as soft as the commercials promise it will.

    4. Or Fanola Purple Shampoo, which works wonders to give your dyed-blond hair that platinum shine week after week without a pricey visit to the colorist.

    5. A pack of hydrocolloid acne patches to suck out a bunch of the gunk lurking in your zits until they basically vanish, or at least have been somewhat diminished.

    6. A button up dress that's so sharp people you encounter will probably think it's designer. (Not to worry, your secret's safe with me.)

    7. An earwax removal kit so you can clear up your muffled hearing in less than ten minutes (who knew everything had such crystal-clear sound??), no need to swipe your credit card for the copay at your doctor's office.

    8. Some Olly restful sleep gummies because they pack melatonin, l-thenanine, chamomile, and lemon balm (which, with their combined powers, can help boost your natural sleep hormones and help you feel relaxed) into a tasty piece of candy. It's perfect for those nights when you need just a little extra help on your way to dreamland.

    9. A pair of workout leggings made from recycled plastic so your exercise regimen can be good for you *and* help the planet. They come in a VERY wide range of sizes, and this reader says they've owned their first pair for three years — and they're still practically perfect in every way.

    10. A lightweight and compact portable charger because if your phone's an essential in your everyday life, it's especially important when you travel — between providing entertainment, helping you find a good restaurant to try, and guiding you from A to B — and this will keep your battery out of the red wherever you happen to be.

    11. Some caffeinated mints for Goldilocks-perfect perk-ups: each mint contains 40mg of caffeine, so you can stick with just one for a smaller boost, enjoy two for a cup of coffee–like effect, or up it to three for a serious jolt! And since they're MINTS, they'll leave you with the opposite of coffee breath.

    12. A bug bite suction tool that lets you gently extract at least some of the pesky venom that makes the bite itch, so even if the bite doesn't go away completely, you don't feel such an urge to scratch.

    13. A pack of LED dimming sheets — your computer charger, internet router, and other electronics in your bedroom (or wherever) have exactly zero business keeping you awake (or even just annoying you) with their overly bright lights.

    14. A can of Barkeeper's Friend powder cleanser to scrub off some of the most impossible stains you thought would never come up, because you've tried to tackle 'em with hardcore elbow grease to no avail. Just add a sprinkle of this stuff to your scrubbing and prepare to be amazed!

    15. Lovepop pop-up cards that don't just say just the right thing — they're basically a little gift in and of themselves, and perfect for birthdays, holidays, or even just because.

    16. A knitted bodycon dress because it's basically the perfect balance between feeling cozy and looking stylish: reviewers say it has ideal amount of stretch but still accentuates your waist ~just so~.

    17. The Paint Brush Cover, which is exactly what it sounds like: snap it over your still-wet brushes and rollers while you let coats dry overnight, and come back the next day to simply pick 'em back up and keep going. No wash-up required.

    18. A pack of colorful pens made of 89% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, so you can bullet journal, take notes, and doodle all you want knowing you gave what would have otherwise been single-use plastics a better, second life.

    19. Kodiak Cakes, a whole-grain, protein-packed pancake and waffle mix that you can use in all sorts of recipes as a delicious substitute for white flour.

    20. Contigo vacuum-sealed travel mugs because they keep drinks hot for up to seven hours(!!) and cold for up to eighteen (EIGHTEEN!!) all while being completely leak-proof so you never end up with coffee accidentally splattered down the front of your clothes first thing in the morning.

    21. A set of five super durable and washable grocery totes that fold (or, tbh, stuff) into a handy little square. Besides saving the environment (by using less plastic or paper), they hold SO much you'll make significantly fewer trips between your car and your kitchen!

    22. An ice roller — you can use it to help relieve headaches or at the very least reduce puffiness. Just pop it in the freezer overnight and it'll be ready to, um, well, roll in the morning.

    23. A set of six wool dryer balls to replace single-use polyester dryer sheets once and for all, while still making sure your clothes are soft and (if you use essential oils) lightly scented.

    24. The Comfy, a reversible blanket-slash-sweatshirt that's perfect for pretty much anyone who likes to lounge around under a blanket, but wishes the blanket followed them everywhere they went.

    25. A countertop paint kit — it will completely overhaul that outdated Formica (and last for years), for a design show worthy–before and after that didn't require you to shell out wads of cash.

    26. A purse-sized jewelry cleaning pen, which you gently brush over your diamond, sapphire, emerald, and other precious-gem rings and for a sparkling clarity worthy of a professional cleaning.

    27. A bottle of mold and mildew cleaner — it's made with a no-odor gel, which makes it stick to your tile grout and caulking so it can actually do its job while you go and do literally anything else besides scrubbing.

    28. A pack of blotting tissues that are packed in an easy dispenser so you can toss them in your purse and go about your day, then pull one out to soak up any and all of the excess oil your skin insists on producing.

    29. A wire-free bra with laces so you can adjust the fit depending your preferences and needs.

    30. Two cult-favorite acne products: Aztec Secret Bentonite Clay Mask for cleansing your pores and helping banish your acne bit by bit, and Thayer's Witch Hazel Toner made with rose petal water and vitamin E for taming your skin's redness and breakouts.

    31. A fabric shaver — you shouldn't throw out a sweater, throw, pillow, chair, or any other piece of fabric just because it's started to pill! This easily pinches off those pesky little buggers to make your fabrics look brand new.

    32. An argan oil hair mask to help pump hydration into your color-treated or dried-out hair, leaving it smooth, shiny, and soft. If you love your hot tools or trying a new color a little more often than you should, this could help nourish and restore your strands.

    33. The Squatty Potty toilet stool (yup!) because it really does align everything in a natural way to make pooping easier and faster.

    34. A pack of fizzing cleaning tablets — you drop them into almost any seemingly-permanently-stained travel mug, slow cooker, or stainless water bottle to banish those stains without scrubbing even one little bit.

    35. A pair of mirrored glasses that let you comfortably lay down AND keep reading that book you can't get enough of (or just binge-watch the show on the TV across the room). Hey, there's nothing wrong with indulging your inner lazy person once in a while.

    36. A post-waxing, post-shaving skin solution formulated to reduce the appearance of razor bumps and redness. All you do is apply a very thin layer to your dry skin once a day (then top with gentle moisturizer, if you'd like) and it will work its magic.

    37. An RFID-blocking travel wallet because it can fit everything your regular wallet can PLUS your passport, any physical tickets, and even your phone (if it's not toooo big). That means everything will be in one place, so you don't have to rummage around for anything when you need it ~this minute~!

    38. A truly adorable Narwhal coffee mug because while practical products bring lots of joy, sometimes incredibly adorable ones can make you even happier.

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    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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