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mrsorlandobloom • 14 days ago

Eat For A Day And Find Out Which Star Wars Character You Are

You are what you eat, even in a galaxy far, far away.

mrsorlandobloom • 18 days ago
mrsorlandobloom • 22 days ago
mrsorlandobloom • 29 days ago

Tell Us What State You Live In And We'll Tell You What You Should Start Doing For A Living

Yahoo just released a report featuring the fastest-growing job in each state! Select your state to find out which career is in high demand where you live.

mrsorlandobloom • 2 months ago

Build The Perfect Guy And We'll Give You An Actor To Portray Him

Because boys like that only exist on the big screen.

mrsorlandobloom • 2 months ago

Eat All Your Favorite Foods For A Day And We'll Tell You Which Modern Family Character You Are

"I don't understand. They named you after a sandwich?" -Gloria Delgado-Pritchett

mrsorlandobloom • 2 months ago