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    42 Problem-Solving Products So Effective They Belong In A Hall Of Fame

    The best of the best, so you can solve all sorts of (small) problems.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A drain millipede covered with over 4000 micro-hooks to grab every last bit of the hair and gunk slowing down your sink and tub drains, so they actually flow freely again.


    You can technically clean and reuse it, but many reviewers just toss it because of the yuck-factor.

    Promising review: "Our sink wouldn’t work and I’d tried everything, baking soda and boiling water, baking soda and vinegar, plunging, Liquid Plumber! I was getting ready to call a real life plumber when I saw this. Didn’t really think it would work as described... but total game changer. Took four times to clear the clog and was gross as hell, but our sink had been perfect since!!!! It’s disgusting but 100% worth it, since it saved me a $100 with a plumber!! Gag-worthy purchase and I’d buy it again a million times!!" —Jennifer Davis

    Get it on Amazon for $5.28.

    2. And a silicone drain cover to be the knight in shining armor for you and your bathroom pipes, letting you shed all the hair you want without risking one of those disgusting clogs.,

    If you live somewhere with a more humid climate (or tbh just a humid bathroom in general), it's probably a good idea to rinse it off and lay it on its side to dry after every few showers or so, to prevent mold — btw, that goes for every hair catcher out there!

    Promising review: "After tossing away quite a few cheap-o drain protectors that became dingy over time, I decided to splurge on this OXO silicone one. I've been very impressed! It's tall enough to fit easily over my pop-up drain and (even without suction cups) the weighted top keeps it in place, even with my faucet running almost directly on it. I have medium-length hair and seem to shed almost as much as my cat, but the drain protector catches it all and is easily removed and tossed away. Best of all, in my case, the silicone hasn't held onto mildew or mold — I have been able to spray and wipe away any grime with very little effort. It looks like this drain protector will last a very long time." —Suneimi

    Get it on Amazon for $9.03.

    3. A jar of cult-favorite Aztec Secret Bentonite Clay Mask to suck out the gunk from your pores, so you can kiss acne buh-bye.,

    As with all skincare, your mileage may vary, but it does have over twelve thousand five star reviews! Many people mix it with apple cider vinegar, but others just stick with water.

    Promising review: "Ever since I had my son 11 years ago I've struggled with embarrassing cystic back acne. With the help of the acne instigator (my son), I use this on existing back acne and scars. After the first use, a cystic pimples which had existed since last summer drained! The thing would NOT come to a head. With use every other day for two weeks, all acne on my back has been brought down to flat, empty red dots. I will continue using this as a back mask and a weekly face mask for life." —JJJWJJSD

    Get it on Amazon for $9.99.

    4. A dip and sauce holder that clips to your car vents because you deserve to enjoy your fries exactly the way you like them, even if you're the one stuck driving.

    3DPrintedByBrian / Etsy

    Get it from 3DPrintedByBrian on Etsy for $4.80+.

    5. A set of produce saver containers so you don't have to toss wilted, moldy fruit and veggies in the trash because you ran out of time to eat them — these containers will make pretty much all the fresh produce you store in 'em last for up to two weeks in the fridge.

    Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

    Y'all, I've been using these for spinach, strawberries, cherries, arugula, blueberries, and lettuce on a regular basis since March 2018 and they genuinely work wonders! They're best for uncut produce (don't expect it to keep your chopped zucchini or sweet potatoes any fresh for more than a couple of days days, for example), although I find it doesn't matter if it's washed or unwashed. And yes, they're dishwasher safe!

    Promising review: "Oh-my-gosh, they work! I went on a 10 day trip and left my husband home with asparagus, strawberries, and spinach in the containers. He ate some of all of them, but there was plenty left when I got back and everything in perfect condition! I couldn’t believe it! These containers will save us a lot of money not throwing away food because we couldn’t get through it fast enough. (We shop at Costco and get large containers of produce.) These are TOTALLY worth getting!" —Elizabeth Walter

    Get them on Amazon in two- or three-container sets for $23.96–$26.99, or in six sizes sold individually for $4.99+. Or for more, read my full Rubbermaid Freshworks Produce Saver Review.

    6. A pack of natural cleaning tablets you simply plop into any permanently-stained mug, coffee pot, slow cooker, or tumbler to fizz out stains, odors, and gunk with literally no elbow grease or scrubbing required.

    You simply fill your container with warm water, add a tablet or two, wait half an hour, then rinse. Reviewers say it works best on metal or ceramic (not so much on plastic).

    Promising review: "My husband drinks about three or four cups of tea each day. He uses stainless steel mugs that stain horribly. No amount of soaking or scrubbing would get them clean. I set our electric kettle to 200 degrees and poured the hot water over the tablets, filling the mug to the top. I left them in the sink overnight, and all I had to do was dump the dirty water out! No soap or scrubbing at all, and they were like new!" —Rachel

    Get a pack of 12 tablets on Amazon for $8.

    7. A bug bite suction tool that lets you gently extract the pesky venom that makes the bite itch, so it stops irritating you right away and disappears completely shortly after.

    @bugbitething /,

    It works with mosquitoes, bees, wasps, biting flies, no-see-ums, chiggers, and sea lice! Note that some reviewers say the suction can be really strong, so try to use it gently; and the company doesn't recommend using it on your neck or face, because it can cause bruising there.

    Promising review: "I am a magnet for bites of all kinds and carry topical and medicines with me at all times — so I figured this would be a good product to see if it really works. I woke up with a bug bite on my arm so I used this little tool (three times per the instructions) — immediately after using, it stopped itching! And less than 24 hours later the bump/bite gone! There is a very faint red mark from using the thing, but a small price to pay IMO. Bottom line: it’s awesome. I’m carrying it with me everywhere!" —Rebecca

    Get them on Amazon: a pack of two for $18.95 or a pack of three for $24.95.

    8. A squeegee broom so you can extract years worth of built-up, embedded pet hair from your carpet and rugs (the kind that even your pet vacuum somehow doesn't touch) *and* easily sweep up the scattered bits from your hardwood or tile floors., Amazon

    It features rubber bristles along one edge, and if you flip it, a wide rubber squeegee on the other — some reviewers find the squeegee side is more effective on carpet than the bristles, so could be worth a try! Oh, and the handle telescopes 36–60 inches, so you can store it easily but also like, use it to squeegee off high windows if necessary.

    Promising review: "1000% worth it! Ya'll. I read about this on BuzzFeed and had it on my wish list for a few weeks. When our nine month old–black lab came back from the trainer, I knew it was time to get something to help the mountains of hair. I got this in today and tried it out. I didn't think it would get much, I swept last night. Oh my lawrd. The hair it picked up was ridiculous! If you have pets and hardwood floors, you need this. Life changing! So glad I bought this!" —Katherine Burch

    Get it from Amazon for $12.89.

    9. A set of three drill brushes because they'll transform essentially any grimy surface — from cooked-on grease on a stovetop to built-up dirt in a bathtub to the accumulated years of grime on tile and grout — without requiring any elbow grease on your part.

    Just make sure to use them only on surfaces you're pretty sure they won't scratch! You can alway test in a discreet area first to be sure.

    Promising review: "Seriously, I have never wanted to clean our toilets as much as I do now. These little brushes have gotten off years of stains and water scum from our glass shower doors in just a few minutes. I would have never been able to get them even a fraction as clean by hand. We had stains in the toilets from our well water that I thought were permanent. Turns out that they were easily erased with this handy little brush. Our grout is sparkling again and my husband thinks I have lost my mind with the drill. I have actually been walking around the house looking for things to clean with this. They even cleaned our birdcages immediately with just water and no chemicals at all. What a great Amazon find!!" —Happy Yogi

    Get them on Amazon for $14.95 (five bristle stiffness options available).

    10. A collagen and protein–infused hair mask treatment that will restore some shine and luster to your damaged, over-processed locks, one shower at a time.

    Bek O'Connell / BuzzFeed

    You work it through your hair after shampooing, then wait 5–15 minutes for it to work its magic.

    Promising review: "This stuff is amazing! I saw this recommended on BuzzFeed as a dupe for Opalex (which I had tried and wasn't blown away by) so I thought I would give it a try...I'm so thankful I did! My bleached and heat damaged hair feels so soft, is more manageable, and looks healthier after each use. I agree with other reviewers that it seems like a big price tag for the size of the bottle but a little bit does go a long way and it is so worth it." —Carley S. Whitson

    Get it on Amazon for $7.50.

    Bek, an editor here at BuzzFeed, uses and loves this, too! You can read her full protein hair treatment review for more.

    11. A set of sexy lace bands designed to let you walk in your dresses all day without a single peep of complaint from your thighs.

    BuzzFeed Video /, Amazon

    Reviewers do say that if you're between sizes (or even an exact number of inches that corresponds to a size), order down one so they stay!

    Promising review: "If you suffer from a little bit of 'chub rub' you need these. I wore these in 100 degree heat in Las Vegas under a skirt and had NO problems. They didn't fall or roll, weren't too hot, and best of pain no chaffing! I'm buying another pair for sure because I know I'll wear the first pair out now that I can wear skirts again with out having to wear hot shape wear under them!" —AJ

    Get them on Amazon for $14.95+ (eight colors, some available both in lace and solid).

    One of our producers tested four different products for chub rub, and crowned these one of the winners!

    12. A bug catcher so you can stand at a distance, grab the pesky little guy without injuring him, then take him outside and release him safely somewhere that isn't your bathroom.


    AND you won't have to spray bug poison all over your home.

    Promising review: "This thing surpassed my greatest expectations! It is easy to use, holds spiders very securely, and makes releasing them a breeze! It has enough reach to catch a spider on the ceiling (and I'm 5'4", so I don't have much reach to begin with). No worrying about having to get up close to catch a spider with a cup or risking marks on stuff if I smash a spider." —Celeste

    Get it on Amazon for $19.99.

    13. Did You Feed The Dog, a switch pad to make sure your pups (or kitties, or fish) can't ever trick multiple humans into feeding them two breakfasts and three dinners.,

    Promising review: "Awesome product! There are four of us that were working together to feed the dogs. It simplified everything because I no longer have to text to see if anyone had fed them every morning. Now I just to see if it's green and if it's not, I feed them and indicate it. We all love it so much!" —Toni Deegan

    Get it on Amazon for $9.95.

    14. A pack of hydrocolloid acne patches to suck out a bunch of the gunk lurking in your zits until they basically vanish, or at least have been somewhat diminished.

    FYI, hydrocolloid patches work best on acne filled with pus (aka whiteheads), and not necessarily so well on that deep-set hormonal acne.

    Promising review: "I bought these for my teenage daughter. She’s had such a tough time with acne. We’ve been to the dermatologist, and short of taking pills, we’ve bought every product recommended and she still has pimples that come up. So I decided to purchase these. She stuck five of these patches on the first night. The next morning, she was yelling 'Mom! Mom!' When I got to her bathroom she told me she took the first patch off, and the pimple practically disappeared overnight! The same with the other four patches. She is incredibly happy with this product." —lcwells

    Get it on Amazon: a pack of 36 patches for $12.50 or 72 patches for $21.99.

    15. A pack of light-dimming sheets because your alarm clock, boombox, and other electronics have exactly zero business keeping you awake (or even just annoying you) with their overly bright displays.

    Each pack comes with two static-cling sheets you cut to fit (i.e. they're reusable and won't leave any residue behind. Think window clings!).

    Promising review: "This is, without a doubt, the best thing I have purchased in years! Easy to use, does exactly what I wanted, which was to dim the ridiculously bright alarm clock in my room." —Kindle Customer

    Get it on Amazon for $8.29 (if you don't like the idea of cutting to fit, you can get a similar product in 100 different precut shapes instead for $4.49).

    16. A toenail brace kit that will relieve that stabbing pain from your ingrown after just a few days, then continue to flatten it out the rest of the way so you can be well on your way to happier, healthier nails.

    Each kit comes with 10 transparent toenail braces, a vial of medical grade–adhesive (to get them to stay put), a vial of solvent (to eventually take them off), a nail file, and cotton swabs.

    Promising review: "My big toe on my left foot was hurting and I wasn't sure why. I had never had an ingrown toenail before so I didn't realize the issue at first. It got to the point that it was throbbing and even the comforter on my bed hurt when it was laying on top of my toe. I saw this product and decided to check it out. Application was easy and I followed the directions step by step to make sure this thing worked. I let it dry and then reapplied my nail polish and you can't even notice the damn thing. I woke up the next morning AND MY TOE DIDN'T HURT ANYMORE!!!! It's been six days and it hasn't fallen off, and I notice it's starting to correct the curve of the nail." —Megan Kelly

    Get it on Amazon for $44.99.

    17. A fabric shaver — no need to throw out a sweater, throw, pillow, chair, or any other piece of fabric just because it's started to pill! This easily pinches off those pesky little buggers to make your fabrics (including upholstery!) look brand new.

    Promising review: "I bought this on a whim in last attempts to save my favorite duvet cover. The pills had gotten to the point where it was seriously uncomfortable to sleep with them getting all up in my leg space. I thought I was going to have to get a new duvet cover entirely. Along came this lil baby. Not only is my duvet cover basically brand new, but I have found a new hobby. I’m depilling everything. Sweatshirts, leggings, blankets, socks, anything that looks like it needs some love. It does the job quickly and leaves everything looking fresh." —Sydney Jensen

    Get it on Amazon for $10.99 (available in six colors).

    18. Some cozy fleece headphones that make it easy to enjoy music or white noise while you doze off without the discomfort of headphones OR irritating sounds of your S.O./roommate/airplane seat-mates.


    You can also pull it down over your eyes to use as a sleep mask. It's lined with a soft mesh so you stay warm but don't get too hot. Plus when it comes time to wash the band (in the machine, naturally) you can take the headphones out, easily.

    Promising review: "I've never slept better. I recently moved to my first apartment and was miserable because I'm near the garbage dump. The ground keeper compresses the trash that has a siren sound every morning 5:30–7 am waking me up. As soon as I'm ready to fall back to sleep, I'm disturb by cars with loud engines because I'm also on the main street. It's loud but these headphones have really blocked all the noise out. I also pull mine over my eyes so light doesn't disturb my sleep. I highly recommend if you're struggling with sleeping!" —micah

    Get it on Amazon for $15.97+ (three colors available and also available in Lycra, which is a cooler fabric, for $15.97+.)

    19. Or, if you're not in such close quarters, a mini white noise machine with non-looping audio so you can finally get the solid night's sleep you deserve.


    It has ten fan sound options and ten ambient noise options, and is small enough you can easily pack it for travel.

    Promising review: "This is so freaking great. I've been using white noise machines for years and years but ended up finding this through BuzzFeed. My old machine had looping audio and I hated it, so the fact that this is non-looping is everything. It's also very sleek and modern. I live in downtown Boston with construction sites literally boxing me in my building with noise nearly 24/7 between that and cops/fire trucks. This knocks out the noise and allows me to sleep or nap at any time of day without hearing anything." —ML

    Get it on Amazon for $49.95 (available in two colors).

    20. A mini steamer that will do a *much* better job of turning your crumpled dress into something you'll look presentable in at work than hanging that dress up in the bathroom while you shower ever would.

    I mean sure, the shower helps some! But it's no match for this gem, which is safe to use on cotton, wool, linen, nylon blends, and sequins and beads. And — although the listing doesn't explicitly say so — many reviewers safely use it on silk (you'd just want to make sure the dyes wouldn't spot, first).

    Promising review: "I love this steamer and have recommended it to friends, who have also purchased and love it. It is well designed and works like a dream. It heats up fast and wrinkles disappear in seconds. I have no complaints and would repurchase. I will hopefully never have to touch an iron or ironing board again, ever." —Amazon Customer

    Get it on Amazon for $20.97.

    Maitland, one of our editors here, uses and loves this! For more, read her PurSteam Garment Steamer review.

    21. A makeup-removing cloth — it takes every bit of makeup off with just water, so you'll actually feel motivated take that last (and essential!) skincare step, instead of letting your head hit the pillow with foundation still intact.

    BuzzFeed Reviews

    Promising review: "This little miracle worker gets ALL of it off, and in record time! I find it most effective when I use hot water don't squeeze it all out before scrubbing. I used to have to psych myself up into taking my makeup off, but now it's the easiest thing in the world. I actually got the original pink one first, but bought this black one so it wouldn't get stained (though my pink one comes out of the wash perfectly pink every time I wash it; so far, so good!). But I'm elated to have two now." —DoReMe123

    Get it on Amazon for $20 in black or hot pink.

    It's also the BuzzFeed Reviews pick for best mid-range makeup remover.

    22. A self-adhesive door draft stopper so you can stop paying extra $$ on your electricity bill for the hard-earned cold AC air — or in the wintertime, that warm air — that escapes out to your garage, apartment hallway, or basement.


    Besides that, it helps with light, pests, and sound!

    Promising reviews: "Kept all the drafts away for sure. Also keeps heat and AC temperatures in rooms comfortably. Actually saw a difference with my utility bill. Highly recommend and easy to put on. Was done in literally three seconds!" —Amazon Customer

    "Easy to cut and apply to door. Already notice a difference in the draft — the basement is considerably warmer from AC air not leaking through the door." —Robert J. Lively

    Get it on Amazon for $9.99 (available in four colors).

    23. A pack of oil blotting sheets that are basically essentials for all of us oily-skinned people who don't want to wash our faces four times a day.,

    I bought some of these with a recent Amazon order and 100% agree with the reviewers — they're excellent!

    Promising review: "I've had oily skin my whole life and have used countless types of oils blotting sheets because they're life savers. THESE ARE AMAZING. Great deal, big sheets, and they pull out one at a time so easily. I used to use Clean & Clear sheets or knock offs of the same thing but I'll never go back. Give these a try — completely worth it. They work well and are easy to use. No negative things to say at all." —Kelsey

    Get a pack of 100 sheets on Amazon for $6.60.

    24. A bottle of gentle but genuinely effective dandruff shampoo to swap into your routine a few times a week, so you can start to restore ~balance~ to your scalp — or potentially even calm irritated skin elsewhere you haven't found another solution for.

    It works for all hair types, including grey hair; and its active ingredient is ketoconazole 1%, which can help reduce the fungus and inflammation that causes dandruff. Most reviewers love it for dandruff of course, but there's a subset that have found it useful for irritation or dermatitis on their face, too (although if you have persistent symptoms like the ones described below, definitely go to your dermatologist to figure out what's going on).

    Promising review: "I can't say enough great things about this product. My husband has struggled with blotchy red, irritated facial skin ever since before we started dating, and we've been together almost 10 years. The blotchy red patches were mainly beside his nose onto his cheeks, and eventually also in his sideburns. The patches would get dried out, the dead skin would peel off. And when I say he's tried everything, I mean it. A lot of the reviews on this item describe his symptoms. Even though it's "dandruff shampoo" the reviews we read said they used it on their face for the same facial reasons. With this, he noticed a difference QUICKLY. After just two washes, his face was smooth and clear! He is so thrilled and happy!" —SMSB

    Get it on Amazon for $14.10.

    25. A mold and mildew remover made from a no-odor gel that sticks and stays to your grout and caulking so it can actually do its job: banishing the grossness from your bathroom.


    Promising review: "Wow! I would give this 10 stars if I could. We've had issues for a few years with the caulking behind the handle of our kitchen faucet turning black from mildew. We've scrubbed with what seems like a million different products, with no luck. We were actually just talking about ripping out the caulking and doing a total replacement. But, my husband saw this online the other day and decided to order it. Almost immediately when he applied it, you could see it was starting to work. We left it on overnight and the black is COMPLETELY GONE! It's incredible. 1000% worth the (small) investment." —Nicole D.

    Get it on Amazon for $12.99.

    26. A pair of adjustable elastic laces because if you hate tying your shoes or your shoes always come untied, they're ready to turn pretty much any laced shoe into a basic but secure slip-on situation.


    Promising review: "These have blown me away. After getting a new pair of boots, I was having issues with the ease of getting my feet in/out without drastically adjusting the entire boot's lace tension each time. With these, I can easily squeeze my feet in/out when needed, and I never have to adjust the tension. They're stretchy enough to both hold my feet snugly, AND have enough stretch to allow my feet out when I try to get them off. The Lock Laces make the entire boot feel more comfortable, with good support all around, without the rigidity and pressure points." —John C

    Get a pair on Amazon for $7.99 (available in 12 colors).

    27. The Diamond Dazzle Stick, which you gently brush onto your diamond, sapphire, emerald, and other precious-gem rings for a sparkling clarity worthy of a professional cleaning.


    It also gives gold jewelry a ~lustrous shine~; just avoid using it on pearls.

    Promising review: "I worked several years in a fine jewelry store that sold this product. We used the Dazzle Stick from time to time to add a quick shine to merchandise that was just tried on and on days our jeweler was not there to professionally clean items. I was always impressed with the instant shine the diamond stick provided. The brush tip is very helpful for getting under the stones and in the setting where gunk builds up reducing that brilliant shine. I recently got engaged and immediately purchased a diamond dazzle stick of my own. It's the perfect way to quickly give my ring some shine before leaving the house. You simply brush, rinse, dry and go." —Amazon Customer

    Get it on Amazon for $5.49.

    28. An all-in-one wood cleanser and polish to transport water- or heat- or pet-damaged furniture (or cabinets, or wood floors) back to its former glory with just a coat or two.

    It works on both finished and natural woods, including wood floors.

    Promising review: "Our paneling and cabinets were looking rough. We have two dogs that jumped up and scratched places, we also had an area that was damaged by water spots where our dog bowls were, and several other areas that were just worn from heavy traffic. This stuff was like a magic eraser for water spots, scratches, scuffs, and any other blemish. We simply wiped the product on with a paper towel and let is sit for 20 minutes before wiping it off with a clean towel. Everything looks brand new. I'm buying a couple more so we can finish our cabinets and wood paneling. We're so glad we found this product." —Kris

    Get a bottle on Amazon for $8.48.

    FYI, if you're facing much damage that's a little worse than that, you might want to try their other (also well-reviewed!) product, called Restore-A-Finish, first; it does more to hide minor scratches, white heat rings, deep water marks, and stuff like that. The two products are actually made to be used together! Get that on Amazon for $7.99.

    29. A post-waxing, post-shaving skin solution formulated to reduce the appearance of razor bumps and redness. All you do is apply a very thin layer to your dry skin once a day (then top with gentle moisturizer, if you'd like) and it will work its magic.

    A little goes a long way here, and consistent use is key if you want to see the effects!

    Promising review: "I will buy this forever. I've basically had razor/red bumps since I started shaving my legs. I've tried every razor and shaving cream out there and finally accepted the bumps. Then I got this, and I rarely get them now! I didn't think it was possible. It took a week or two to clear the bumps. I use a little bit every day even when I don't shave. It does sting but only for a few seconds. The smell goes away too." —Kelly

    Get it on Amazon for $13.29.

    30. A cute little brown sugar bear who just wants to keep your brown sugar perfectly moist, so you never find yourself hacking at an impenetrable rock, hoping to bake cookies.


    Both my mom and I have used these for years, and they actually do work! Some reviewers mention you can put it with cookies or bread to keep those soft, too. Just soak it in water for 20 minutes, dry the outside of it thoroughly, and put in your brown sugar bag.

    Promising review: "I was skeptical, but this bear is magical. I have brown sugar in a glass canister and I was about to throw the whole container out. The sugar was unbreakable (I think my boyfriend was putting his wet spoon in it too...) I came across this bear and I thought it wasn't real. I read some reviews and decided to give it a try. I put the bear in the canister and reluctantly walked away. The next day I was pleasantly surprised to find REVIVED and soft brown sugar!! Great buy!" —S.G.

    Get one on Amazon for $5.80.

    31. An eyeliner with wing stamps — the set is practically guaranteed to speed up your morning routine, whether you're a liquid liner novice or seasoned pro.


    You get two liners: each has a wing stamp (one for the left, one for the right) on one end, and a pen liner on the other.

    Promising review: "I've tried the taping method, plastic winged stamping devices, stencils, all of it! So when I saw this I thought, meh, why not give it a shot...although my hopes weren't high since nothing else has worked as it should. But to my surprise I put the left cat eye on first and it was perfect aside from needing to connect it to my current liner. I thought this was a fluke and did the right eye...again, it came out clean and perfect! I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE BEEN ABLE TO DO A CAT EYE IN UNDER 10 MINUTES...LET ALONE THE TWO MINUTES THIS TOOK TO DO! There were no sloppy streaks that I had to touch up or anything you would expect. Just a clean crisp line." —LadyMeow

    Get it on Amazon for $13.97 (available in three wing sizes).

    32. A set of two miniature spatulas for reaching deep into the crevices of almost-empty mustard bottles and foundation jars so you can actually use and enjoy every last drop.

    @the_spatty /, Sarah Han / BuzzFeed

    Yes, you've seen 'em on Shark Tank, as the Spatty and the Spatty Daddy!

    Promising review: "So worth it! I'm so happy with it. You will definitely save money using this. I think about how much I could have saved if this was invented 30 years ago. I mostly use it for small makeup jars. I tested out the longer one on a 18oz lotion and it worked fine. Some reviews complain about not being able to get every curve and corner of their container...oh please! You get so much more than you would without it." —Liz

    Get a set of two (one longer, the other shorter) on Amazon for $11.99.

    33. A can of Barkeeper's Friend powder cleanser to scrub off even the most impossible stains you never thought would come up, even with hardcore elbow grease.

    Promising review: "This stuff works so well, you'll feel like you're in a staged infomercial where your surfaces are left gleaming and impossibly new. I removed the worst stains from my white ceramic sink, which I had tried everything on... bleach, oxygen cleaners, lemon and baking soda... Nothing worked. But sprinkle some Bar Keeper's Friend on there with ~10 min of elbow grease, and BOOM it looks almost brand new. I'm obsessed, could not recommend it more." —KathleenH

    Get it on Amazon for $7.13.

    34. And the Barkeeper's Friend Cooktop Cleanser that eliminates the built-up residue on shower doors *and* the burnt-on grime on glass cooktop stoves.

    Promising review: "Like a hot knife through butter for built up hard water stains on my glass shower doors. I've tried everything and this stuff worked in two minutes. Made me a little embarrassed it took so long to find something so effective. I haven't tried it on anything else yet but I guarantee I'll be reordering just to have extra. Just can't have enough of a good thing." —Amazon Customer

    Get it on Amazon for $7.59.

    35. A pack of 50 slimline hangers that will instantly create extra inches on your closet rod — you don't even have to get rid of any clothes. Plus they're non-slip so even the silkiest spaghetti straps stay put.

    Promising review: "These hangers are seriously low profile enough to give you close to twice the amount of space in your closet. Probably not necessarily a good thing, but I revamped my closet with these instead of donating a large portion of clothes (although I had already donated two other closets full until a friend recommended these hangers) and now my clothes all fit neatly!" —Lisa427

    Get a 50-pack on Amazon for $16.20+ (available in three colors).

    36. A dishwasher cleaning tablet to disband the limescale and mineral buildup preventing your dishes from actually getting as clean as possible.


    Promising review: "Works extremely well. We haven't done any cleaning on our dishwasher in five years, and the sliding dish trays were tough to pull out or push in, there was detergent build up all over the inside, and there was a milky film on all our cups. I bought this, ran the dishwasher with two tablets while it was empty, and the difference was astounding. There was still some build up and I figured it would require another cycle, so I popped another two tablets in, ran the machine a second time, and now it looks and sounds brand new. No more film on the glasses, no more dirty dishes from clogged sprayers, no more odors, or build up around the door seals." —Martoune

    Get a pack of six tablets on Amazon for $4.44.

    37. A tongue scraper — yes it can be gross, but it also can remove any lurking gunk or grime causing you bad breath with a few quick, gentle swipes that won't trigger that gag reflex.

    Promising review: "Oh my god I need everyone to know this tongue scraper is LIFE CHANGING! The past few months I’ve noticed a weird white/grayish look to my tongue and have had bad breath which I’ve tried everything to control. I saw this on BuzzFeed and figured, why not give it a try. Literally the first time I used it, I could see such a major difference. Not to be too gross but I could visibly witness all the gunk being removed from my tongue. I couldn’t look away. The next morning I could tell that it worked. I had ZERO bad breath and my mouth wasn’t so dry. This product truly is life changing. And so easy to use. You just hold the cleaner with either one hand or both and just gently scrape your tongue. It’s painless and super user friendly." —Katelyn Foehner

    Get it on Amazon: a single for $6.47 or a two-pack for $11.

    38. A useful slicing tool that'll basically pay for itself (if you eat lots of pineapple) because you can stop paying markup prices for the pre-cut packages.


    Promising review: "Follow the instructions and it works as stated. I find it helps to cut both top and bottom of the pineapple. There's some waste as about half an inch of fruit is left on the sides but this nifty little device works so well that it's not a problem. Push down and turn the handle very firmly and remove the stem carefully. The steel edge can and will cut your palm if you're not careful. Useful gizmo, this. But use with care. There's some wastage but it's MUCH QUICKER than cutting off the outer layers, slicing it properly, removing the core etc." —Tobermory

    Get it on Amazon for $5.99.

    39. A bottle of makeup brush and sponge shampoo that will break up all the various layers of stubborn foundation, contour, concealer, powder, and eye makeup that's embedded itself in your tools. Even the ones you use most often will look fresh out of their packaging in no time!

    Plus it'll reduce the amount of dirt and bacteria that tend to accumulate on makeup tools over time. (Oh, and it's cruelty-free.)

    Promising reviews: "I clean my brushes every so often (not as often as I should) and I have NEVER gotten this much gunk out of my brushes with regular soap. This stuff is amazing, takes almost no scrubby effort and my brushes are the cleanest they have ever been. Definitely recommend." —Melissa

    "Well, I am seriously impressed. All of my sponges of various colors look almost brand new after using this. Even my white sponges look only faintly tinted in comparison to what they used to look like. It does seem like it takes quite a bit of product to do each sponge, but it definitely gets the job done. I'll certainly order another bottle when I run out." —G.T.

    Get it on Amazon for $4.79.

    40. A tube of patch and primer featuring a piece of sanding pad on the top of the cap and a putty knife on the other end, making quick drywall repairs faster than you ever thought possible.


    Promising review: "This was amazing! I’m in the process of moving out of my apartment in NYC (is there anything worse?) and I needed to fill a few holes I made with wall anchors. I have zero handy experience but this product was so easy to use. I agree with other reviewers that you definitely should pick up real sandpaper if you want your walls to be flawless but I really only gave it 70% effort and the results were pretty good (my apartment is super old). If you bother to paint over (I didn’t) it’s definitely good as new. A renters dream." —Tina Liu

    Get it on Amazon for $6.97. (You might also want to consider touch-up pens you can fill with your house paint; they're $8.95 for two on Amazon.)

    41. A red wine stain remover that — with the ~magic of science~ — actually fades all kinds of spills (like coffee, blood, ink, and marinara sauce) right before your eyes.

    Emily Shwake / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "I had an unfortunate accident where a guest knocked over a glass of port wine from an end table which splashed on white window shades, white window sills, while base boards, taupe-colored painted walls and white-with-dark-beige carpeting. I left it that way for a few days in order to research the best way to hopefully clean it up without negative results. I used the spray today, after days of doing nothing, mostly because I was afraid to make it worse. Lo and behold! I completely cleaned the window sills, the window shades, the baseboards, the walls and the carpeting! You cannot even tell it happened. No stains or color change to the carpet or the walls or the white painted surfaces. Before you try or use anything, buy this. It cannot be beat! I was afraid I might have to hire a professional to clean the carpet and that I might have to completely repaint walls, but no." —Sharon Hamilton

    Get a bottle on Amazon for $6.67.

    42. A pocketed shower curtain liner, because it lets you move everything off the edges of the tub (making it easy to clean the entire thing in one go) *and* is sturdy and spacious enough to hold several people's stuff with no problems.


    Promising review: "I set this up and immediately fell in love. I live in a cramped little apartment I share with several other girls. There's almost no space for any of my personal bath stuff, and I also knock over a lot of my roommates' stuff in the process of getting in. I let the girls know they were free to put their stuff in too, and about a week or so later everyone had migrated their stuff in the curtain! It holds well, keeps items dry, and clears space in your shower so it feels a little calmer and more soothing. I honestly love this thing and it's held up pretty well. I've had it a couple of months so far and I foresee this lasting for a good amount of time." —g. castro

    Get it on Amazon for $24.99.

    You to these products — and everyone else to you — once you start using even just one or two of these to fix small problems in your life:


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