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    I Tested Four Different Products To Beat "Chub Rub" And My Thighs No Longer Hurt

    "Thick thighs save lives…except for over the summer."

    Summertime is here, ladies and gents, and if you deal with thigh chafing like many of us do, have no more fear! Daysha tested a few products that’ll make you want to wear shorts without the fear of chafing, and let me tell you, it changed her life:

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    Before we get into it, if you don't know what chub rub is, it's essential you learn the definition: It's when thick, beautiful thighs rub together due to heat and sweat.

    But Daysha (like all of us) had enough of the pain, so she took matters into her own hands and tried a few products to see which ones worked and which ones didn't.

    The first product was Monistat's Chafing Relief Powered Gel, and it changed the game for her.

    And even though she knocked off half a star because her thighs rubbed together a little bit, the product still stole her heart.

    Her next product was Bodyglide For Her, and even though it has such a cute name, the product itself was a big NAH.

    Like to the point where she gave it no stars...DAYUMMM.

    The next product was Gold Bond Medicated Body Powder, EXTRA STRENGTH. Daysha didn't really have high hopes for the product...

    ...and unfortunately, it only worked for 20 minutes and smelled terrible.

    I mean, it was so bad, she didn't even give it one star. That’s cold, girl.

    Last, but certainly not least, were the cute and sexy Bandelettes, and we were all cheering for them.

    Homegirl slayed in them AND was able to live her life without any chafing. LOOK AT GAWD.

    The only bad thing was that the adhesive part would sometimes roll up, but other than that it was GOLDEN…

    ...because they were cute as hell and they worked!

    So, to all the people out there who struggle with chafing ('cause that shit hurts) it looks like there are products out there for us.

    BLESS. ✨